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  1. Wintermute Episode 2. I had changed my difficulty from Episode 1, so I had to start 2 fresh with no supplies and little in the way of clothing to protect me from the elements. I was heading from the Trapper's Cabin to the Camp Office, but slid down a steep hill on the way and sprained my ankle. No way I could make it to the Camp Office before dark now. I made camp in the bones of an old shack in the deadfall area. Blizzard came up. I had no food. No rabbits around to hunt. Barely enough fuel to keep the fire going. Each time it started to die down, I'd venture out into the dark with my la
  2. I am a brand new player who just started the game on Nintendo Switch (I've put in about 6 hours in Wintermute), and I am absolutely blown away. What an incredibly beautiful and compelling piece of work. This game feels so deep, so lovingly crafted, and so immersive, it really is stunning. I can't wait to dive further in and learn the mysteries and secrets of Great Bear. To me, this game enters the realm of "masterpiece," and it is so cool to see the devs continually working to update and expand it over the years and to this very day. One quick anecdote: when I went to get Grey Mother's ke