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  1. any veteran players have advice for how to deal with wolves? I’m completely terrified of them and want to avoid them at all costs, but I need to kill them in order to get the coat. I can hunt bears or moose no problem; but when I try to hit a wolf I just freeze and I keep missing, even at point blank. But I’ve seen people who can just calmly see a wolf and fire off a shot and insta-kill them. Does anyone have any advice for getting over wolf fear and getting some pelts better? Much appreciated, thank you :))
  2. Oh, nevermind! Turns out I have just been clicking the wrong buttons. I kept clicking L2 instead of R2, and now it seems to be working fine. Sorry for the confusion!
  3. I agree...I really like the mental challenge survival mode poses, but it could be interesting to have optional objectives. Honestly, I'd be down for more challenges if anything- that's pretty close to an objective, and it would be cool to see more of them! But I just love playing TLD in general.
  4. Oh jeez, that actually sounds super cool! One problem I've just consistently been having is wondering how far I can push my character before I die. I'm not really a risk-taker in survival games- I tend to just pile a bunch of resources in a base and then explore and operate from there. But that's not really something you can do in TLD, at least not the long term- it's forcing me out of the comfort zone, and it's actually been kind of fun to take more risks and be more mobile. Still cripplingly terrified of wolves, though... but hopefully if I get better at fighting them off then that'll change
  5. Thought I’d share my opinion on here, since a lot of the responders seem to be ppl who have thousands of hours clocked into the game and I am,,,not one of them lol. I first got TLD for the PS4 back right after the rugged sentinel update as a used copy for about 17 dollars. The person recommending it told me it was a really intense survival sandbox like Minecraft, and I was excited to try it out. I immediately fell in love with the art style and the music, and it has a very addicting quality about it that makes you want to invest hours in crafting and surviving and exploring the huge
  6. From what I can tell, the survival bow is surprisingly accurate to how a real life bow shoots. When you’re aiming from a distance, always aim a little bit higher to your target- the amount depends on how far you are. Beyond that a lot of it is just practicing with the aiming system and getting a knack for where it needs to be- it gets a bit intuitive like most other weapons in the game. But like everyone else has already said, practicing on a target or object, maybe even on an easier difficulty like Pilgrim, will be the most helpful thing.
  7. Howdy! So I recently did a massive update for TLD on the PS4 (version 1.32 all the way up to Hesitant Prospect) and started a new world. I figured out how to move and place items on shelves and rotate them recently, but it doesn’t seem to work correctly. Sometimes it does, but usually when I try to move an object from the floor up to a shelf, even when it turns green, as soon as I place it the object returns to its original position. Am I using the wrong controller buttons, or is there something I need to fix in game? Thank you very much!
  8. That’s really interesting, actually. I’ve thought of TLD as really driven by player choice, but it’s cool to really see how ppl have taken the bare bones survival sandbox and customized it for challenges and such. i think at the end of the day the main qualms I have with survival mode is something I wouldn’t want the developers try and fix. TLD is beautiful, but very isolating- the atmosphere really gives you this sense that you’re the only person left alive. And I’ve seen people do really amazing things in the game, and have had a lot of fun with survival myself. I guess I’m more in
  9. So I’ve played The Long Dark survival mode for a while, and I just had a question for players who have more time clocked into the game. what exactly is the main objective for survival beyond just surviving? I’ve been enjoying my playthrough so far, but even now I’m beginning to get a bit bored. Once you’ve gathered enough food and water to be somewhat comfortable, and you’ve explored everywhere, what really else is there to do? You could do challenges but when playing solo, the game feels really exhausting and boring if you play it for too long. I suppose a lot of this is due to the fact
  10. I completely agree. Anything that makes TLD more immersive is 100% in my book.
  11. Whoa, really? I always assumed you could only use the rock on rabbits. That’s absolutely wild! I’ll try that next time I’m playing TLD. Thanks for the tip!
  12. @ManicManiac howdy! Apologies for digging up something old, but I just wanted to clarify my thought process on the HUD notification. first off, I’m the first to admit I’m not a good TLD player. The longest run I’ve had is 46 days on voyager and I’ve come close to dying due to my own lack of situational awareness many times before. However, I know that this is due to my own lack of understanding of the mechanics of the game, and I would never want to suggest an unfair advantage or “spidey sense,” as you put it, simply because I’m not good at basic wildlife encounters. my reasoning is
  13. @Shadowin welcome to the forum! Apologies, it’s been a while since I checked my inbox. Thanks for commenting! it’s a difficult balance, yeah- there are so many cool ideas from real life survival that would be nice to have, but may not necessarily serve the best purpose for the in-game context. Plus the whole making sure the game is achievable but still incredibly challenging is difficult to maintain. i had been wondering if maybe a cool idea for the salt mechanic/smoking mechanic that could balance out the insanely OP cooking bonus you get from cooking level 5. As it stands
  14. Oh no I totally agree! Wolf attacks are fun because you can't ever expect them, and it's always terrifying to just be wandering around the area, admiring the scenery, and then see a shadow on the hill below stop and look over at you. I meant something more along the lines of accessibility- sometimes with all of the different parts of a scene I can find it difficult to notice or hear where a wolf bark is coming from- like when the wolf is actively charging right towards you and escape is inevitable unless you know where it is. Having a simple HUD icon kind of like the sprain risk, that ac
  15. Started playing the Long Dark again, and it's been really fun, but I've gotten my fair share of funny encounters. So for reference, I'm playing on Voyager and I had survived about 20-30 days when this happened. Spawned in Mystery Lake as a beginner for a while, and decided it would be a cool idea to go to Forlorn Muskeg and make it to the Spencer Family Homestead to use the Forge there (because, for some reason, I thought it had a lower difficulty setting than Coastal Highway, plus I had gone there once or twice when I played Story Mode, so I knew the area a bit better). So I make m