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  1. Immovable debris is what kills me. I'm currently bunkering down in the Milton Farmhouse nearing day 60 and I'm so sick of the stuff that's on the floor that I can't pick up, yet i have to walk around. It makes me wish i could do something with it lol. And yes, i like that idea. Sometimes, i like to roleplay my character, and if there's a dead guy in a cave or a home, she will absolutely not stay there unless she has no other choice (freezing to death.) It's kind of fun and puts a bit of pressure on my choices of where to sleep.
  2. So, I've come across many cabins and other homes that are an absolute disaster. There's glass everywhere, broken pots, things like that and i had this idea, what if we could tidy it up? I mean, if I'm going to be stranded in the wilderness and i come across a cabin that i want to make my home/base, i would love to have the option to clean it. To pick up the pieces of glass, the broken pots, maybe even move the dead body outside because it creeps my character out. I would love to have the option to clean up the homes to give them a more homey touch and so things would feel less cluttered. I know i could break down everything and use it, but i like being able to use things like shelves to organize my stuff so i know where they are. I hate coming home at the end of a hunt/journey to a dirty cabin or home with trash and junk everywhere. Just a thought lol.