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  1. Pull out your cuban cigars and listen closely. This tool is easily susceptible to the wind and chill of the outside and when being able to light would offer many uses as well as accept lantern fuel for refilling. On only the calmest of days and the indoors can support this lighter. If this passes then cigarettes will be the next addition lol. Peace.
  2. The explosion when shot by one of the three firearms in the game wound make an explosion which would cause fireburn and scare or even kill wildlife. Rigging this with meat to hunt bears and wolves without the risk of being chased down could prove useful for those with little protection and stamina. the jerry can which have a limited amount of spawns would be destroyed. The spray can would only scare off wildlife
  3. For hardcore interoper survivalists who have played hours upon hours of TLD they don't require markings to identify searched buildings since their insane memorization of the lamb makes up for the spray cans uses. Besides being extremely toxic, spray paint is also flammable which similarly to accelerant can be used to ensure a fire %100 will be made for the survival of dear Will Mackenzie can make it to desolation point. (There are issues considering doing this in real life would inflame not only the fire but would explode everywhere around you which seems a major setback to this idea) a potent
  4. As a fan I can truly say that continuing to upload videos strengthens the community and your team to develop a true to life survival simulation game while not running the risk of altering the entire scope of your vision and not investing an absurd amount of time into each weekly update. Your business reminds me much of how Robert Kirkman handled his comic series TWD. Unlike a child he knew his endgame and what it needed without letting his insecurities set him flip flopping to his audience. Now he did change the ending after his realization on how cheap and bland his first ending was going to