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  1. Made 10 feet of braided cord from the inner bark of a tulip poplar...
  2. THIS. For that reason I just turn the music volume to 5%
  3. I dunno if you've seen the thumbnail of the character from behind for TLD, but I like that image a lot and thought I should try to take a picture of myself geared up like that. I traded the flares on the left side for bear spray and the hatchet on the right side for my smatchet knife. I was fresh out of wolves and snow, too...
  4. Yeah, the game is fine without it. I'm pretty happy with the game period. This is just a list of fantasy items, not expectations.
  5. Took me 3 months to do the hand drill right. Should start out at 5% probability with a 300 calorie burn, with a 50% chance of getting a bleeding wound on your hand.
  6. In real life you will starve yourself on protein rich, low fat diets. So that could figure into the game mechanics too - a trade off of light for the ability to metabolize calories. Pine pitch would be interesting to add to a torch to extend its life. Again, a real world example.
  7. I updated my game and the fix did not work. It will not allow me to go to the next episode after first encounter with Old Bear. It’s just a black screen saying Exit Train Car but it won’t let me exit.
  8. Friction fire is difficult, but man is it fun. You should try it.
  9. The deciduous plants would... die without spring. I can see this is taking a silly turn so I'm not going to reply after this.
  10. What do the prey eat, then, after day 400? lol
  11. I kind of hate the Cohutta even though it is huge. Everywhere I went (I try to avoid people) there was no wildlife and no edible mushrooms to gather. It's just spooky to me to hear no birds or squirrels. They also have a bigfoot legend for the area.
  12. I understand it takes a lot of work to make this game, so this is in no way a critique. Just observations from my life in the bush. A. Friction Fire, there are typically 2 types of friction fire people use in North America. I think the game could really work with this mechanic. Perhaps only Level 5 fire skill could be able to do it. #1 is the bow drill method, which requires special parts. You need a hearth & a spindle (usually from certain woods like cedar), a bow (just a hard stick with an angle in it), a bearing block (tricky to find, but bone will work and certain ston