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  1. Question for you survival experts. As the title says how do you balance your clothing? Do you try and keep weight low or go for maximum stats regardless of weight? Also do you always fill every slot when possible? I’m currently wearing all but one accessory slot with some good stat items and bonuses of 19c warmth, 7c windproof, 21% damage protection. But in total my clothing weighs almost 6.5kg and has my stamina down to 80%. Not too bothered about min/maxing myself, just wanted to know how everyone else deals with it and if you’ve found a sweet spot.
  2. Yeah after playing a little longer i read a ‘lore’ note that mentioned wolves encroaching on the town after people left. I also killed a few and that lessened the howling. Guess it was just jarring suddenly having the increase from the last time i played (it was quite a while ago) but it’s not like there’s howling when there’s no wolves around so all good.🤘
  3. After playing the game a lot after the first beta launch i have just started getting back into it. It really is a great game and having a lot of fun but there is one thing that is really annoying and gets on my nerves and that is the constant howling from wolves. It really breaks the immersion because real wolves do not howl every few seconds for hours upon hours. I’ve read that this is how it’s supposed to be and before it was thought to be too infrequent but honestly it feels like it should be the opposite. Like i said real wolves don’t howl nearly this often to the point where thi