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  1. This worked for me on a bear and a moose. Mind you I am in Pilgrim. At Miner's Folly I crouched coming out of the cabin since the bear wanders in. Had my rifle out and shot the bear in the neck. It ran around so I cooked up some of the deer I killed and water. Couple hours and dead bear not far from the cabin. As for the moose. Where the 3 ropes are to get up to the gold mine. I climbed the last one down and heard the moose. It fled away from me so I climbed onto a near by rock and crouched. Took 2 shots to get it.
  2. I actually had Astrid in Miner's Folly today. One shot a deer the first morning after noticing the bear wanders in between the buildings. It's on Passive wildlife so no big. It ran off when it saw me leave the cabin. The next morning, I crouched with rifle in hand and stepped out of the house. I didn't move away from the door, but the bear was wandering in. I let it get a little closer and shot it. Not enough for a one-shot instakill, but it took off running away from me. I had like 5 bullets, so I wasn't going to waste it. It eventually ran behind the cabin in the area where the deer are. I c
  3. Is the hotfix for all platforms. My game on the switch crashes in ash Canyon multiple times in the run of an hour but in no other region.
  4. The devs can keep doing what they are doing. I LOVE this game, and the fact it is still not finished just means each new update is a gift waiting to be unwrapped and explored. Kudos to the team on Ash Canyon. It might be my new favorite.
  5. I have not played Ep 3 yet, as I prefer Survival Mode, but for Timberwolves, I believe the best strat is to break their morale. Marine flares will work for a bit, lighting a fire is another. It will st least bide some time. Also since Timberwolves hunt in packs, they will try and circle you. Having something solid at your back is one less thing to worry about. When the wolf is aggro'd it will charge you, stay calm and aim for the head. The rest of the pack will eventually get the hint. Also panicking and swirling while unloading the revolver is wasteful. Game or real life you don't pan
  6. It's not a bad idea, but to use the energy to clean it, I would absolutely need to have nothing else to do but kill time. And while I do set up home bases, it's more for storage and sleeping. I think my favorite home base is the mountaineering hut in TWM. Minimalist and no load screen.
  7. Here's my reasoning for it. I was very new to survival games, and first player games. I was always more of an RPG/Pokemon streamer. So my Custom with Mackenzie was my intro into the game as I never finished story. I have never been to Coastal Highway. Desolation Point or Bleak Inlet. (In Bleak Inlet right now with Astrid). Coastal Highway and Desolation Point do not seem to be overly complicated maps and my Astrid custom is only easy so I can write the story to go along with it. With that being said, I feel the Mackenzie run did what it was meant to do, it helped me learn the game mec
  8. Day 69 - I've been lugging items back and forth from Milton to the homestead and starting setting myself up. It took over a week to do so. I ended up getting very sick walking through some of the storms and sleeping in a cave. I drank some tea and grabbed some painkillers and slept most of it off, but I feel there is nothing left in Milton for me and while I left some supplies in Hushed River Valley, I think I have more than enough to get me through. I spent a few days catching rabbits outside the house and tidying up the homestead. It looks like a good base . .I can't call it a home. Thi
  9. These are all great captions, haha! "It's me, 5 bullets and hungry wolves all around me, I'll just take a quick break before I leave Milton . . ."
  10. LOL. I don't believe the gas station is much warmer.
  11. How would you Caption This? I'd probably go with "Lost Hope"
  12. Day 50 - I realized I had a lot of supplies, but not a lot of food and Mackenzie had obviously left months ago. I had wishfully thought maybe he would be here, or someone would know where he was, but after spending 50 days by myself, I realize that I am truly alone. I had even tried to look for the pilot that took me here, but I couldn't see any more of the wreckage and I could not find the pilot. I hope he ended up somewhere more populated then where I was. I left Hushed Valley River, leaving some supplies behind, because I realize, even with the satchel, I was far too encumbered to c