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  1. I made it to where I can get to Timberwolf Mountain. It is a dead end region so I am going to consult the map but we maybe going there on stream later today.
  2. Yeah I would love a poncho like Astrid has, it'd be nice as an accessory.
  3. OMG, this is amazing!!! A new region to explore, new gear items and it will be available on all platforms??? I can not wait for that December update! Happy Holidays!!!
  4. True enough. I don't know the maps well as yet, so my custom would be considered easy mode. I figured getting my skills and learning the map in an easier setting would help me to immerse more and not get frustrated and quit. I love the no hand holding since some games basically lead you.
  5. That's my hope, wolf meat and clothing will soon be mine. The Bow seems easier than the gun, at least more renewable I guess.
  6. Thanks. I have tried to stone a rabbit and even when I think I have the rabbit centered between my forefinger and thumb I still miss. I did take some archery in school, but that was so long ago and it's not exactly the same lol doing it in game even with a first person pov.
  7. I actually did go to the barn and shot a few. My aim is improving. Close to the bullseye on the last one. Was in the ring just outside the bullseye. And yes it does feel nice to get that kill in.
  8. I have been having trouble aiming and killing an animal be it revolver, rifle or with a bow n arrow. I am currently at Pensive Pond to do some fishing and gather any surrounding supplies before moving on to Signal Hill. So between fishing, wood gathering and reading, my snare has netted no rabbits as yet. One was on the pond, moving target. Took aim, readjusted and fired. Blood splattered and the rabbit was gutted. I broke my arrow, but that's fine. I can make more at the farmstead. So proud of myself, especially with a small target. The deer and wolves are next. I really wanted to get this skill down so I can eat more than snared rabbit and fish or food left behind.
  9. How about when the music changes to something creepy for no reason 🤔
  10. The area is remote and damaged due to seismic activity. Depends how you want to tell your story. Some people can hold onto hope and survive and get rescued. Maybe it happens off screen. People do like to tell stories with these kind of games. Or maybe he succumbed to the elements, wildlife, etc. But it depends on a person's character if they can survive or not. Also the people who tell a story when playing can use their imagination. Like I finally made it to the farmstead in PV. The family was nice enough to let me in, however....the game is what you make of it. Also to add, there is nothing day to day about being in a plane crash somewhere remote and expecting it to be like your day to day real life. Especially if very few people live there, they would be spread out thinly. Add an unfriendly environment and only the very brave or very stupid stay behind.
  11. There is a day counter. The save tells you how long you survived. Getting to about 90 days on my custom, which is like 3 months. Also if Great Bear Island is in Canada near Vancouver, it doesn't snow there all year round. And the point of the survival is to survive in the winter. Also you are meant to be alone. There is no one else, or they already left. Except the people of Milton...RIP. No one who is surviving in this setting cares about what day it is or what holiday is approaching. That is unrealistic. But point is, it's meant to be lonely and taking comfort where you can get it.
  12. What moose? No moose in my custom, or bears or Timberwolves. I'm easing in until I can actually aim a gun and kill a deer or a normal wolf lol. And yeah. I have some curing. Going to make a rabbit snare to take with me.
  13. Oooh this is a nice idea, definitely an awesome idea. I am in PV, might need to take a look for Pensive Pond.
  14. We are going to be exploring a bit of PV and getting a snare for those rascal-y rabbits.