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  1. So I just got the Faithful Cartographer achievement but it didn't make sense. I was up to 188/191 and after getting the Ravine's End Waterfall the total didn't change. Then I was near the Poacher's Camp in FM and even though I already had the icon I mapped that area anyway. I then went to 189/191 and I got the achievement. Still missing "to cave system" in FM and "valley view point" in HRV. I see valley view point missing, but I have all the caves mapped on FM, so yeah...just weird.
  2. Ok, so there's a map floating around on the internet that shows the ravine's end waterfall on the higher area near the exit to the Ravine. It actually is on the lower frozen delta part to the northeast.
  3. I am, right now. I walk all over the area where it's supposed to be and nothing. I don't think it's in the lower frozen delta part, so hopefully I don't get down there and have to walk all the way back.
  4. No freezing, but I also lose the map marker for my position. I wasn't sure if it was on purpose or not. Probably not because I also didn't have a fog meter one time, after the first 15 min. if that makes a difference. I usually see the map marker for myself in the first one or two regions and then it goes away. I also sometimes get structure markers and sometimes not.
  5. Not only that but sometimes I get a full lure showing when I actually have not placed one. I'll have to pay more attention to when it shows up exactly. Yes, it seems to me that the DW spawns at some pre-determined place whenever you enter an region or cave. The devs may have done this on purpose so he doesn't get too far behind. Or, yes it just can't keep track of NPCs and lures in different areas.
  6. Good feedback guys...hopefully one of those can be implemented in some form or fashion. I love the game and hopefully they come out with a desert version or maybe even Mars 👽. Ok, it sounds crazy but maybe air supply can be a basic need.
  7. I was thinking a random ledge or overhang...something that wouldn't be noticed normally. I was thinking you get the polaroid when you start a survival mode. Could be in an area where you start or maybe not. The loot can be something that makes life a little easier or less tedious, something that fits in with the game already. I think it would also encourage people to explore more area during survival. That sounds good, maybe more loot on voyager and less on interloper. The main point with the treasure hunt idea is to get people exploring more and provide a goal that changes every time you start survival. You're right on rescue mode, it pretty much fits as a challenge. But challenges have the same goal every time. Hopeless Rescue was probably my favorite, so it would be nice to something similar but with different destinations. Maybe rescue mode can be its own thing, not considered a challenge...hence the re-playability factor with different destinations.
  8. Two possible new game modes or additions. 1) Treasure hunts - Maybe this is an additional option to regular survival. You get a picture of an area in the game when you start. The area can be anything but not easily recognizable. The developers pick one out maybe 50-100 possible areas that would randomly be chosen at the start. When you start survival you get a picture of it with a clue on the back. I think the item you get will need to be something unique. Maybe its a special Hinterland axe that needs less sharpening, or two water containers that are the same weight as an empty can but hold twice as much water. This may be asking too much, but a rope ascender would be nice. An ascender lets you get up ropes much easier with less energy by simply standing up with your legs as it locks onto the rope at the bottom. 2) Rescue mode - This would be like a race against the clock kind of mode. You start out at a random place and your goal is to rescue somebody. You get the area and place that you need to get to. The game gives you an appropriate time limit. This is kind of like the Hopeless Rescue challenge except more locations.
  9. Yeah, maybe it takes 30 rabbit skins to make a coat but it gives you something to do once you've got settled into a survival game. I've got wolf skins all over the place but no use for them. I'm at 358 days and 98% explored on voyager survival, and maybe I can go map some more areas better but that's about it. I'm also thinking of a traditional RPG. For example, you wouldn't only find one piece of chainmail for chest and no other chainmail pieces in the whole game. You would find complete sets of leather, chainmail, plate, whatever.
  10. I usually just put all of the man made stuff in the fridge or a large cabinet with the meat outside. I just realized everything can be pretty meticulously placed after you drop it, which is kindof fun. I recently decorated a cave in the hushed river valley. Unopened cans on top of the rocks looks nice.
  11. Seems like the natural thing to do would have been to allow complete sets of clothes from different types of animals. For example hat, coat, boots, pants, and mittens all out of rabbit skins. Same goes for all clothing types for wolf, deer, bear, and moose. You can still mix and match but if you wanted to be highly mobile you would go with all rabbit. If you wanted to carry less and be really tough go for all bear skins. --- I also just think it would be cool to wear all rabbit or all wolf, etc...