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  1. Ooh looking forward to it! As a writer myself, I love a good story! Especially centered around TLD.
  2. Jotown

    Hot dogs

    So much goes into making a hot dog, and most of those ingredients are actually pretty unhealthy. Plus, (no-racism here) but would your Canadian character even eat or therefore know how to make an American food?? If this was a troll question.....then I believe it. If it wasn’t....I’ll just leave it at that. Keep surviving!
  3. Oh, right, I totally glossed over that aspect- whoops! I forgot to appreciate my maple syrup~ 😂
  4. I like this idea! Personally because I am one of the (few, I think?) who actually wants multiplayer in The Long Dark. I know, I know, they don’t plan on adding it. But a survival challenge against other players? Count me in! ~ And, realistically speaking, they would probably have to separate PC players from console players due to the different coding(assuming it is coded differently, being on a different device). Also, like you said having dates and times for the event- what about having the event going 24/7, and when you join, you are put in a new game with others that clicked the button
  5. Ahh, I understand. But then, how did Will and Mackenzie begin their flight to Great Bear? The Aurora hadn’t started yet. Or is it that after the geomagnetic storm nowhere has power? Including places not in Great Bear? Or is it that it is only Great Bear- but as soon as the plane would enter the island, it would crash if an aurora wasn’t happening, due to lack of power? Sorry, I think I just made everything ten times more confusing but I had to ask. If answering my questions makes it even more confusing, I’m fine to just agree with you and end this conversation 😂.
  6. I’m female so I generally prefer playing the game as a female. It feels more like it’s me in the wilderness, not my character. And without character dialogue on, it could very well be me 😂. But in all honesty I could play as either. Not a big deal.
  7. That would work, but are there maple trees in game besides the saplings? I honestly don’t know so I’m asking you (For goodness’ sake it’s Canada! Who am I kidding of course they got maple trees!). If there is, then I think that’d be a great idea, if not, well, that wouldn’t work out. Also, the maple syrup you get is from inside homes, trailers, etc., in a maple syrup container, leading me to believe they bought the syrup and not actually made it themselves- as in they purchased it from a store, the store having received shipments. So, that has nothing to do with your proposal of maple sap. I g
  8. Oh, I think you read my description incorrectly or I didn’t clarify, sorry! The aurora would turn on the new tower’s signal. The flare gun could not be shot in bad weather(including an aurora) so you would have to wait to signal a plane to rescue you, when everything clears. Also that would be super sad- and hilarious if you got rescued only to crash again in a new map. Not gonna lie that sounds pretty fun, unrealistic for Hinterland to add, but fun😉
  9. I think it would be really cool in The Long Dark to have a way to get rescued. I get we already have the “Hopeless Rescue” challenge, but maybe something for the normal survival mode sandbox? I’m sure someone has already suggested this before, but I wanted to give my take on it. I feel like it would add some hope and a nice change from the depressive “live or die” mentality of TLD- a motivation to keep going. Here’s my ideas: 1. A “chance to be rescued” would be a toggle-able option when starting a new save. So for those hardcore players who forever only want death as the way out, they wo
  10. How could I ever pick just 1?? Either surviving those extremely close calls..... Or Witnessing the most beautiful sunrise or sunset
  11. I like the idea, but as far as I’m concerned Great Bear is an island with rather small stores and homes, whereas a large sports store(I’m thinking like Bass Pro or Cabella’s prototypes,) would kind of be like adding a superstore to the small town Milton. Unless, of course, you’re thinking of something more like a small second hand sports or fishing store, I doubt this would be a realistic expansion of the game. But I like where your heads at!
  12. I honestly think that’d be a great game addition- but only in say the easier modes (Pilgrim, Voyageur, maybe extremely rare in Stalker), because isolation seems to be a key aspect to the game- if it wasn’t, we’d have multiplayer! But I do like the idea. A fluffy companion would be lovely~ specifically how you said husky, I get the idea that if sleds were introduced you could train them to pull those, too!