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  1. Thank you so much! Oh NO I TOTALLY FORGOT THE SCREEN CAPTURE 😭 I was so full of adrenaline and hands were shaking as i quartered the moose and transported the meat that i forgot to take pics... 😂😂 thank you for the prize haha so sweet!
  2. Hi all again, thank you. I crafted few more arrows and when i had total of 10 arrows i went to caves to get some coal. Later on i built a fire nearby the pond that lasted about 10h. I stalked the moose and got 2 hits to its neck. He chased me down to the campfire and just as he stopped and turned i shot him right to the eye. The third arrow dropped him nright around the campfire. Now i have some good meat for the future hahaha 😂 once again, thank you all!
  3. Hello again, Thank you, everyone of you. It has been a pleasure to read about your stories and tips <3. Alright I need to consider the hut strategy. Maybe I can lure him closer to hut somehow. I understand and that is very wise advise. I have a trapping trail that i check every morning and also couple of kilos deer meat in storage so killing a moose is not on the *must do* list haha. Although it would surely be high reward but high risk. Thank you, yeah the injure requires a lot of effort to be fixed. Thanks for explaining the target area. I try to practise
  4. Hey guys, I have been playing interloper for the first time. I have a little hunting camp set up in Pleasant valley. Early today i spotted a moose nearby the lake and would like to hunt it down. I have currently 5 arrows plus bow. Can you give me any tips how should i approach this giant and where to aim at? I have never tried to down a moose or bear with bow.
  5. Hi, When i think of hunting, i would like to see new animals in the game. For example small game such as birds and beavers maybe? In addition with those a new gun, shotgun and maybe small caliber rifle would be great too! In summary: more wildlife to hunt and maybe new guns with them.
  6. Jep täällä suomalainen. Tilillä 110 tuntia, kun keväällä ostin tän pelin. Ehdottomasti haastavin ja parhain selviytymispeli, jota oon pelannut. Vastikään alotin stalkerin ja nyt menossa 40. Päivä.
  7. Oh, i get your point. Silly me i was not thinking it through.
  8. Thank you all for your answers. I will check out the beachcombing.
  9. Topppsam323


    Hi, this might sound crazy but i would love to see old whiskey in the game i mean Jack Daniels or something like that. I also would like to see an option to make moonshine lol And why? Well, i think a player could consume the for getting warm or use them for making a fire etc.
  10. Hi all, just wondering, are there any resources in the nature that will renew during time? i mean for example maple saplings, will they respawn? I know it does not make sense because the whole theme is about freezing winter but cant be sure about videogame logic too lol Anyways i love the game. Has to be the most challenging survival game there is.