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  1. all laptop computers is disapearing when i trying archivist challenge in winters empcare i palyed then crashed and delete my badges and challenge badges noting to do ?
  2. kuula70


    i`m finnis my way gas is like oxygen and gasoline is like diesel
  3. kuula70

    new skill

    healtcare skill and time to recovery after aplying medicine or bandage or somethin what bigger skill faster aply bandage or take medicine and faster recovery
  4. kuula70


    not an gas ligther wybe one like these
  5. my idea is to place this region to north of the pleasant waslley bcause whree bus is goin on episode 1 and 3 but this is what i want see
  6. kuula70

    new region

    mountain region north of the pleasant walley an there is an blackrok prison its more better because in episode 3 whre bus is going