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  1. I am a kind of player who enjoys clear endgame goals, so I will be probably mostly playing challenges since I'm done with the story so far. Progressing through my nomad challange I was really disappointed to discover the research mechanic is not implemented here. Since I gathered decent supply, and way more than I can carry, now I mostly keep passing time in each location. My skills grow a little bit as I use them but, lets face it, one's unlikely to grow many of them even just to level 2 by the end of the challenge. This makes the presence of skill system in the challenge mode very unsatisfyi
  2. I think adding too much detail in handling water would just make more mess in the equipment. There is always too much to carry anyway. For the same reason I'd hardly ever carry more than 3L... perhaps up to 5L if I find a lot of bottled water to top off my supply. It makes sense to assume the character keeps one big bottle at hand. On the other hand I think it would be great to have new ways to obtain unsafe water (like from waterfalls, fishing holes or from wet clothes), so the water purification tablets actually become useful. Just for now I feel like skipping them entirely, since I alway
  3. I think it would be actually great to add any new way of obtaining unsafe water. Whether it's from toilets, fishing holes or waterfalls. As far as I'm aware melting snow is the only way to get unsafe water, unless I missed something? That makes water purification tablets a bit useless. Perhaps they might save a little bit of fuel but with all the clutter to carry I feel stupid keeping them, since I never use them, I could be carrying that extra fuel needed to boil the water instead.
  4. Thanks, saved the day! :> I had the same problem.