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  1. At this stage I'm feeling pretty confident with my playthrough and feel like im approaching the end stages of my playthrough- retiring at coastal highway. I've also followed your thinking- loaded up on whetstones, cleaning kits, and sewing kits and making my way to Cinder hills. I think from then on I'll be bouncing between DP, CH, & PV .
  2. Increasing the places to sleep has crossed my mind as well, but I'm also conscious of keeping the game balanced; as some of the previous replies to this post have alluded to. My suggestion is this: add a 'sleep by fire' option when interacting with the fire. This option would allow the player to sleep more places if they don't have a bed roll - as long as they have a solid fire. The 'sleep by fire' option would only appear if two pre-requisites are met: 1) the player is fully exhausted (or at least in the red) 2) The fire has over 2 hours left to burn and is raising the a
  3. So you've made it to the Summit of TWM, after gorging yourself on peanut butter and looting every inch of the plane, the question remains: now what? I'm asking myself this question for the first time on a sub 80 day run, on voyageur. There's literally piles of high quality gear waiting to be ferried off the summit. So far, I've made one trip down the mountain cliff to the mountaineers hut, but still have (I estimate) 2 more loads trips to make. My ultimate goal is take all of my looted goodies off TWM, out of PV , through the Cinder Hills mine, and eventually retire at CH.
  4. Reading over my suggestion and the posts that followed, I've concluded with the following. I think the reason, personally, I like the idea of barricades etc, is symptomatic of the fact that sometimes I'm looking for a more balanced 'wilderness survival' gameplay experience; which no amount of scarecrows or barricades will provide. What I'd really like to see is a parallel survival mode to the current. One which reduces the threat of aggressive wolves and increases other aspects of survival. I am thrilled with the concept of Winters Embrace, but it's just the tip of the iceberg (pun
  5. I really like this concept. Sometimes you just need some space from those fluffy bastards! In the same vein, i'd to see some sort of area of effect animal deterrent. Maybe something like a scarecrow, using the moose hide, which deters animals from coming too close to your immediate base.