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  1. Thanks for the welcome ManicManic,
  2. The Olympic Peninsula is my home, just a quick boat ride from Canada. I have 142hrs playin time so far. What a great game, for me a great way to pass the time during Shelter in Place. I play on Steam on my old Mac. Love reading the Forums so far everyone of the post have been fun or in many cases helpful. And I want to say just how courteous and polite everyone is here, you all seem to be the kind of folks that could sit around my camp fire and share a cup joe with . I wish all the best................. :} Nordog
  3. Hello I am new as well About 140Hrs, I play on an old Mac. and you are so right just as I drop my guard, just went out for sticks or something. I get LONG DARKED! (if thats a word? ) Good luck and stay , ........... FROSTY ! :}