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  1. Guys, that was my missing part as well. THANKS @Cellar_Attic for sharing!!! And thanks all of you for your help! I will make another post with every map and location (zoomed out), but i didn't mark every spot, so pretty much the whole map is black ^^ Hope this will help, but please check with the steamlist (especially for caves!). You don't need bear caves. The steamlist was updated after my second message to Hinterland, but the Rural Crossroad Location isn't changed yet. ONLY the list counts, if you have e.g. more transition zones than listed in any region it's fine - you only need the stuff listed. I think they added the Community Hall Icon with the last update from the list, because i copied the list to my wordsheet and there was no Community Hall listed. By the way, the PV coal-mine Icon can be small, but it has to show in the zoomed-in map. Thanks!
  2. My spawnlocation of the Mysterious Signal Fire is the southern point, so i can't compare your map with mine... I'm going to check my maps AGAIN with the steamlink tomorrow, i'll report my results. After checking this guide I'll answer the mail from Hinterland and report them my results. @Cellar_Attic Interesting to hear, because my steam folder of TLD has its last change date from 02/05/20. So i think all the data is saved directly on a server and not on your hard drive. Hopefully the next update is coming soon..
  3. I've received the following message. I think (and hope) after the next update most problems should be solved Here's the link:
  4. I've written a personal message to Hinterland and explained the situation and the suggestions from @peteloud to make a list in the journal. Main point was of course the PV coal-mine icon. As I started the game today, i got a message, that Hinterland is working at home since the beginning of march, so I don't know, when I can expect an answer. I'll keep you updated FYI, i'm playing the steam version of TLD.
  5. I would not describe me as a achievment "hunter", but i started a suvival game to survive as long as i can. After 100 days i thought it is possible to survive 500 days. And 400 more days is much... very much. So i started mapping and exploring every area. But that this achievement is such a brutality to get, shocked me a little bit. Because of this, i created an account in this forum to communicate with you, ask my questions and problems and get and give some tips. I think i will write Hinterland a message with that problem, because i'm not the only person struggling with this.
  6. I think there are not many maps you can compare, because nearly nobody has unlocked this achievement. That's why i think your idea is the best solution to know, what icons / locations / caves are missing in which area. I have to check every cave in all regions to be sure that these are not the missing parts.
  7. This is a great idea!! Hinterland should bei able to make this possible. To your BI map: I didn't mean the highway, but the curvy section in the red circle. Do you have some nametag within that section? The map linked on the wiki ( says there should be a nametag. PV: Forgot the cave in the bottom left corner, now i have 287 locations (i know, locations doesn't matter after what i read). And for reference my coal-mine "icon", which won't become an icon Please don't blame me for not mapping every detail, it thats's necessary to get the achievement, i will do .-.
  8. @peteloud It should be enough to make a screenshot of the zoomed-out map (like my screenshot of BI above). You can see the icons and the locations-triggers. I'm not sure if caves count for the achievement. Like i mentioned above, the coal-mine icon in PV is a big problem for me, as well as the coast mountain road in BI. Hinterland should bring an official guide, of a "statement" for what is needed..
  9. @Cellar_Attic Doesn't work for me I've used about 30 charcoal, but there's no icon (i can see an "icon", but i have to zoom in, it's not like the cave connection to winding river or the transition to TM). Can you describe the locations you've found? If i search for deer blind in the official wiki, there's no result... Are they needed for the achievement? @peteloud Congrats for achievement! It would be a pleasure to see your maps of every region @all I've found a way to get the cannery-icon in BI: You have to stay in front of the fence (not as far away as in the screenshot) outside the whole area, worked for me. Another thing in BI: Is the coast mountain road a location trigger? I've walked along the street and mapped every few meters, but there's no nametag... So the ONLY thing i miss is the mine in PV. Or locations i don't know that they even exist ^^
  10. Thanks! At least i don't loose my current safegame and with that all the mapping The only thing thats different in my game is the coal-mine icon in PV (i guess nearly everyone has this bug) AND the icon Last Resort Cannery and Workshop in BI. Last Resort Cannery is shown, but no Workshop. Are there two icons on the exact same spot? I have to check this tomorrow and use a lot of charcoal around the workshop, maybe the achievement pops up
  11. Can someone who unlocked the achievement post screenshots of every single region? I double-checked with the list above and 'only' got 286 locations and don't know, how to get 288. I think Hinterland should bring an official list of locations and icons. Or they fix some bugs in PV, especially the coal-mine icon... Before i don't unlock the achievement i won't start a new survival game, so i don't play TLD at the moment, because i have no solution of how to unlock it (Or can you start two different survival games and switch between them?)
  12. Do you have to walk through the ice-caves in HRV? Or do you have to map all four entries? And has someone located a prepper cache in ML? I walked through the whole map today (with complete map from the wiki) and found nothing... not even one single cache. The two caches in PV are still there. I don't know why i can't unlock the achievement with 286 locations. In my topic ( ) i talked about Milton Basin not unlocking, but that problem solved today after mapping the whole basin. You can see this in the picture with the nametag "Milton-Talkessel" which means Milton Basin in english. @Lameballs Congrats for the achievement! Did you locate "Lookout" in ML in the top left corner? So do you have a nametag on your map? It would be a big help to see your maps of all regions to verify and maybe to locate my missing part The ice-cave in HRV is the only thing i could do, but if that fails i have no other solution to get the achievement. Thanks!
  13. @peteloud Thanks! But there's no text like "Rocky Refuge" right? Because the guide ( ) says Location: Milton Basin and Location Trigger: Milton Basin. And all other locations are mapped, i'm really confused about that Or do i have to clear the whole basin to get that location done?
  14. @ManicManiac If the location trigger pops in, i immediately use my charcoal and in 95 % of the cases the location (or the icon) is mapped. I double-checked all locations with this guide linked above and with the official wiki. I still miss the location "Milton Basin", but i have to say i didn't map every detail. You can see this in the picture, it's in german, but i hope you can find your way Milton Basis should named between "Felsige Zuflucht" (equals Rocky Refuge) and "Bauernhof von Paradiesauen" (equals Paradise Meadows Farm) if i read the map correctly. I searched a lot the last few days and it could be a solution that i didn't visit every ice-cave in HRV... have to check this again. Same with the "Lookout" in ML.