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  1. This is surely not for TLD. They are working on something else as well. https://hinterlandgames.com/ Besides, ... whenever the discussion of multiplayer pops up again, I think "don't people think about the game mechanics?" TLD is a single player game, that puts the player in a model world, where one has to survive. In this model world actions take time. In-game time is faster than real time, but still, the player can chose to engage in actions, that take a long real time. Or better said, that would take a long real time, if it wasn't for an additional time speed up during these
  2. There is one insteresting aspect to this: Limbs fall from existing trees during blizzards. Thus no trees -> no limbs. The player can chose to chop the trees around the camp for ensured firewood but 0 sustainability or chose to search for limbs in a wider area, which will respawn infinitely.
  3. Thanks guys! Yes, it counts as outside. There are several indicators: Stuff doesn't cure, The falling snow overlay is visible inside the cave (not very pretty in terms of graphics and immersion but as an indicator it serves well) and clothes don't dry, when sleeping in there. Thus I moved my camp to the entrance of the Tinderwolf Mountain Cave, 5 Minutes south in Echo Ravine.
  4. I would like to have the option to drop the backpack with the press of a button. Handy when facing a bear or wolf or when one is about to die 20 meters from the shelter. All that stays on the character are the worn clothes and maybe two items which can be attached to the "belt" (like a knife).
  5. While I think that being able to chop trees would add some realism, imo what you suggest is absolutely unrealistic. Assuming that the trees in the game have a diameter of half of a meter you would look at 10 hours+ net time to chip through the stem with that little hatchet. Introducing a 4kg lumberjack axe, which can be swung with a momentum that makes a difference, an untrained person would still need 2 or 3 hours, be extremely fatigued even before having finished and have their hands full of blisters for weeks. The lumberjacks of the old days didn't get their physique by playing cards.
  6. The big cave in Timberwolf Mountain, the one with three accesses and without a loading screen, with the climbing spot at the extension of the northern access, does it count as inside or outside regarding decay? Or both like the porch at the Pleasant Valley Farmstead? Regarding curing it counts as outside. Thx
  7. Oh yes, I had this Issue several times with containers. I play on Win10/Steam. Locations where this happened: - Pleasent Valley, Community Center, fridge and/or freezer (sometimes) - Pleasant Valley, Farmstead, fridge and/or freezer (sometimes) - Timberwolf Mountain, Mountaineers Hut, hatch (always) It did not happen with other containers, like the 200kg cabinet in the Community Center kitchen or cabinets in the Farmstead. I easily lost 50 L of water due to this bug and now resided to store water only on the ground. Also, maybe related, sometimes when I stored water in
  8. The interesting and informative part in a discussion though would be, why you write "I agree". What your personal point of view is. What your experiences are. Etc. ... . Writing agree/disagree or up-/downvoting merely is a poll. But a poll and a discussion are different things. I personally developed the habbit - at least to try - to always give a reason or explanation and an intention together with an expression of want/need/feeling. In general, this way communication is much more clear. Participants find a common ground faster. Participants are required to pause and think about what the
  9. I thought about this. One conclusion can already be drawn: Either clothes get wet in a snow shelter or they do not dry up. Adding this to the OP.
  10. I feel you buddy and I agree (edit: I agree in general. I know very little about this forum, as I just signed up). I call it "facebook behavior" (short, close to zero information comments) or "social static" (comments which solely express feelings), both with little to no use for the topic at hand or real life. In my opinion, not tolerating facebook behavior and removing social static is a thing that helps forum entries stay usefull and efficient and discussions refreshingly informative and productive.
  11. I am playing TLDv1.74 58755 (as of 2020-03), Survival, Voyageur, day 33 (mentioning that, because I read survival gets more difficult over time). I had an odd experience. I climbed down a rope, then I built a snow shelter. I had a bedroll on me. I spent 3 hours in the snow shelter "passing time" (selected from campcraft radial menu). Then I slept 10 hours in the shelter (also selected from capmcraft radial menu). When I woke up, my clothes were soaking wet. The questions which arise are: - Did the clothes get wet from climbing down? - Is there a difference betwe