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  1. Yea, If you preffer they could add zombies, chinese lizard monster hordes, super viruses, wizards, magic nukes, dragons, witch cults. As long as it fits the future vision why the hell not.
  2. I'm not accusing Hinterlands half arsed as a whole. Their story was perfect until they added stuff like the bear spear, mystical quotes and stuff. These all came from overeager fans whom they should never have listened to. Game mechanics can never be 100% realistic because you would either die from one lucky hit or survive a dozen of small injuries without a complaint. Cures work over time, but nobody wants to play bedridden patient simulator. That stuff is impossible to adjust accurately, but not mystical at all. Local legends are not mystical either, just fancy stories woven around real obse
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu9QoWYg9Ck
  4. They largely kept the story, but made the first episode shorter. With her giving less quest to you and you finding the quests instead. They may had a reason for it, but probably the reason is half arsed. It wasn't a super realistic, but the point was to keep up some realism while keeping the gameplay enjoyable. With the new changes, they are taking both on the wrong path. Even the "whimsy/fantasy element" (by which I suspect you mean the aurora and the acting up wildlife) has more science than the reast of the survival genre combined. Auroras IRL do interact with electrical and magne
  5. I officaly consider you the enemy of reason. That guy wrecks immersion with his prophetic BS all the damn time. Atleast, she applauded you for not being an asshole and not robbing the gas station. Now she demands it. Isn't there enough mystical, 3rd rate, crappy survival games out there that explain the collapse of the world with "Herp derp MAJIIIK".
  6. I think a lot of the "weird" comes from the fact that they cut a lot of dialog from the story for no reason and made the whole story more mystical in a reality based game. Jeremiah was the most sane person you could meet in the whole series, now he is a weirdo talking about magic spears and fighting a man killing bear in close combat. The priest seemed ok, but I really wish he would not be they only healthy person in the community hall. Molly is just creepy, but not weird. Seems like she is on her way to become a serial killer or already there according to the ingame hints.
  7. One thing to add, the typical Tail up + Butt wiggle would be a great warning sign that they prepare to attack. Their movement and brown/golden fur would make them stick out like a sore thumb.
  8. I was absolutely on the side of cougars for a while, but I think they should be stationary predators until they detect a prey they can stalk. They would be better of on top of rocks and trees. They would be easy to notice if you look up not just in front of yourself (like any survivalist), but not obvious enough to be detected without paying attention. They also should not attack a player that faces them cuz unlike wolves, cats are discouraged by face - to -face encounters. They usually pounce so any player that keeps away from tall rocks and trees or checks them for potential predators could
  9. Yea, I would love a hygiene meter that runs out slowly, but once it runs out you caan encounter more wild animals, get skin infections etc. Maybe not encouraging you to clean yourself every day, but atleast every 3 days or once a week. Being too warm (wearing full heat gear indoors or being next to a forge), running, bleeding, fighting animals could drain it faster. Cleaning yourself would not require potable water, nearly melted water.
  10. Did I really write dick case instead of disk case and didn't notice it?
  11. Hi! I'm 26 gamer from Hungary. I started playing videogames 8-9 years old, but I didn't get my own PC until 12. I specificly joined the forum to add suggestions and I hope they will be have more effect than a shy fart in a Canadian blizzard. I started to play the long dark 1 or 2 years ago as I googled survival games and this was the only decent one with no supernatural monsters for enemy. I was instrested in life simulators like the sims series and games with crafting as a key element (like Skyrim), but i didn't find them chellenging or immersive enough. I admit i played the g
  12. Szia! Vannak, magyarok mint látod. Megkésve, de én is megérkeztem.
  13. I have thought of the same thing. Cougars could be terrifying if they are introduced well. They stalk their prey after all and mostly spend their time on top of trees and rocks. It would encourage you to look up while traveling. They wouldn't charge at you like wolves just jump from tree to tree or roof to rock then drop down on you if you get too close OR turn your back at them and activate their hunting instinct, causing them to drop down and sneak after you. Polar bears also show up in the northern parts of Canada and during the cold apocalypse the have a chance to roam south further t
  14. I think the supernatural has no place in the long dark. Everybody got drawn to the game because it lacks the usual supernatural aspects of a mediocare survival game. I was personally pissed when the original story of Jeremiah (fixing the gun while avoiding the old bear who was far more present before) got switched to that "legendary spear" bullcrap. What could be added to the game as a definite scare factor is: A, Polar bears: They can appear in North Canada and now that the weather turned much colder due to the quiet apocalypse they can roam south further than ever before. A polar
  15. I thought about some things that could be added to the long dark: - recycle soda cans and aluminium cans: So we can break down stuff for metal and we collect a lot of aluminium cans. Also we can see soda cans thrown away as trash and we drink soda ourselves. It would be a good survival option and a positive massage to be able to melt them down for metal instead of litering with soda cans and becoming a crazy hobo who collects aluminium cans. Even if it would take a hell lot of cans it would feel better than litering and wasting metal. - the ability to unload oil lamps: If you foolish