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  1. I didn't ask about cartridges, my friend. I found a ton of cartridges and pick up all my casings, so I never run out. Over 200 rounds for revolver, about 150 rifle. But, I will run out if I can't make more powder. The issue is, I have a poop ton (6 bags) of dusting sulfur, but not enough stump remover to match. I was wondering if Hinterland did this on purpose (which would be asinine) or if their should be an equal number of components. In example, if there are 12 bags of dusting sulfur to be found, are there 12 bottles of stump remover to be found as well? If so, I still have yet to find those 6 missing bottles of stump remover and where the heck do I look? I've pretty much looted every location in all but Hushed River because the area sucks. I don't go there, like I'd avoid Bleak Inlet if it weren't for the workshop. Two areas they should have never created. I digress... Are there supposed to be equal components?
  2. Can anyone direct me to stump remover? Is there supposed to be equal components? I have 6 bags of dusting sulfur in the workroom locker at the cannery, but haven't found any more stump remover. I'm out of gunpowder now. Is there an up-to-date list of areas I can look? I can't remember where I found the other four or so removers beyond the tower stairs in Bleak Inlet. I'll go over each area again if needed. Hinterland really needs to add another component to replace stump remover and the sulfur. Maybe just to make "okay" ammo.