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  1. Agreed. Though ; Cougars generally do not attack humans unless provoked , so stealing its prey wouldn’t really be smartest way to go.
  2. Hello Hinterland community! Today I will be discussing my regards to future TLD updates and why Hinterland Studios should reflect onto my proposition involving a look into an update of felines. (SURVIVAL) The Long Dark is a survival game taking place in the Canadian wilderness that requires the player to endure the gelid nature of the external environment. In story mode, you play the role of a crashed landed aviator who intends to seek out a fellow aeronaut undergoing harsh conditions and simultaneously must do what one must do in order to survive. Although Story Mode is still a work in progress, my curiosity aims at the Survival Mode. Now , the topic— felines. As in game , Canadian fauna consists of the typical black bear , white tailed deer , wolf , snowshoe hare , moose , crow , and fish. Now , I am cognizant over the fact that TLD focuses on the exploration of a post apocalyptic world from the edge , isolated from man , aspire towards real life situations, scavenging and utilizing resources whatever one can stumble upon in this Quiet Apocalypse. Feline such as Canadian Lynx , Cougar , or Bobcat would make a great asset to TLD , considering this fauna exists in Northern parts of Canada. Lynx , Cougar , and Bobcat all have interchangeable aliment. Prey towards these felines comprise of deer , moose , and hare ; all found in game. As for territory and behavior , I will go over all 3 simply. Canadian Lynx. Canadian Lynx prefer dense forest , but can tolerate habitat with rocky outcropping. Lynx in TLD should be few in citified region , (especially MT) and plentiful in TM , BI , DP, and HRV, because of mainly because of terrain being mostly remote and plenty of snowcapped mountains. Lynx should be in every region , it would just make sense to put them in a more realistic area of the game , such as places a Canadian Lynx is accustomed to in real life. It’s primarily prey are snowshoe hare , and occasionally go for bigger prey , such as deer. Lynx are nocturnal , which means finding a sleeping lynx during the day would be generally normal. Their dens are usually in caves , rock crevices, and brush. Lynx roam alone, and are very territorial , so you shouldn’t really bother one. Bobcat Bobcats prefer forests , and similar to the Canadian Lynx , tolerate rocky area that provide hiding places. They also inhabit urban edge and forest edge , so seeing a bobcat in ML , MT , CH , and PV would be usual. Then again , bobcats range between the forestry and rural area , so a sighting one wouldn’t be surprising. Bobcats are crepuscular , and gradually become more diurnal during fall and winter transitions. Bobcats , like the Lynx , are very territorial , and mark their home range by clawing prominent trees in the area , so clawing would be another good asset to TLD. Bobcats primarily prey are snowshoe hare , fish , and sometimes deer if they are lucky. Cougar Cougars tend to roam in areas whereas they seem hidden — such as rocky mountain or dark forest. They can tolerate rim rocks , escarpments, and dense bush as well. Cougars don’t usually attack humans unless they feel concerned or threatened , (so trying to scavenge a cougars prey would most likely would end in a fatal result.) After a kill , cougars usually bury the carcass and comes back to eat it later for additional meals. Cougars are very fast , so don’t think you can outrun one ! Cougars are considered nocturnal AND crepuscular , although daytime sightings do happen sometimes. So a cougar living in TM , BI , and FM would be realistic due to rocky terrain and jagged cliff/brush. Cougars are generalist predators , which means they will eat any animal they can catch , such as deer , hares , and even moose! Cougars are ambush predators , so careful where you step — for they can be lounging across ledges or higher ground spots above. Cougars are solitary animals , and are very territorial , and if you cone across scrape marks on trees , a cougar is somewhere near you ! To sum it all up , one of these three felines would make a huge difference in TLD , give it a even more realistic experience than it has already and will not take away the game’s atmosphere regarding the Quiet Apocalypse , and therefore something to consider adding to this amazing game ! Thanks for your time , I hope you consider this idea ! -angié