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  1. I'm giving up. It's not fun anymore. Either i have no luck at FM or there is a bug with the moose spawn. I have stayed in and patrolled the whole region for 22 days. Also have mountains of wolf meat that i shot out of boredom. Perhaps i'll try it again next winter.
  2. Throwing a few rocks at the moose to guide it to a better spot often works well. Of the 8 moose i shot so far in this run (7 with the rifle, 1 with the bow) one managed to stomp me. That happened because i got stuck in the terrain for a few seconds while retreating.
  3. There is a good cave very near (Pensive Vista cave) and also wood+coal. When i found that moose on a run i cut all the meat to pieces at the spot and transported that to the cave. I already had good clothing though before coming to HRW. It has been a while and unfortunately i don't remember if there also was a satchel at the signal fire.
  4. Yeah the moose in FM is elusive. In other regions a moose appeared relatively quickly. I also still need to hunt the moose in Desolation Point. Haven't seen that one very often in previous runs but DP is smaller so the moose should be easier to spot than in FM.
  5. I'm trying to shoot a moose in Forlorn Muskeg for a personal challenge (shooting a moose in each region). I've looked at the whiteberry map and it shows the moose spawn locations as the Marsh Ridge and the NE part of the region (to the right when you enter FM from ML). So far my camping in those areas was not successful. Does anyone know if there are other locations in FM where the moose can appear?