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  1. Mod support will be cool, doubt consoles will get them but still cool.
  2. I have owned The Long Dark for awhile but when my mom got it she got it preowned without the box art or anything else included. I was wondering if there was a possible way to buy/get these things?
  3. So I have played The Long Dark a little since I got the game here and there but haven't played it a lot because I am not good at it at all. When I played the game before it had some moments that get your heart racing a little. This update though is definitely scary in my opinion. Hearing the DarkWalker get close and having the fog sit in and seeing a campfire in the distance that isn't close. The scariest part though is when the warning pops up on the screen that the DarkWalker is getting close and you are walking right towards him. This is my favorite update so far and I wish it was available
  4. I know that we get this if we play the event but is there anything we need to do to get it or just play the event once and get it? Then Custom night and 2 badges are it for the event right?
  5. So I know already that this will not be a very popular suggestion so not sure why I made it but.. I think it would be cool to have some PS4 themes and avatars. I think a dynamic one of trappers cabin with snow falling a some ambient noises would be cool.
  6. So I want to try and survive a long time and wondered if anyone had any tips? Where to start, best way to store food, etc...
  7. I finished it within 9 days if I remember right. I managed to find everything on CH. Trying to find a hatchet took the longest.
  8. So I know there are a lot of options already in the game but I was thinking some others could be added which could have some effects on your character as you play. Foods Peanuts, Cashews, Pecans, etc... These wouldn’t really have a effect on your character but they could be found in a tin container. Chicken Noodle Soup - This could be ate cold from the can or heated up on a stove. It could decrease time of healing, food poisoning, etc... by a certain amount of time. Drinks Hot Chocolate - It would have the same effects as coffee and come in a similar container.
  9. So I was wondering how the challenges worked a little bit. The main thing I was wondering is if I would launch the Whiteout challenge today would I need to search all the regions for the supplies on the supplies list or just the regions that were released when the challenge was released?