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  1. Guys imagine this. Let's say you and your friend are in Mystery Lake. Your main base is Camp Office. You are fishing and your friend is somewhere close to Trapper's Homestead. He got attack by a bear (let's say it would look like this - first bear attack left you hurt and most clothes destroyed but you are alive and can move, after 2nd attack you can't move, maybe just crawle for a few meters, after 3rd attack you are dead). Let's say you would find out what happen through radio that you both would have. Now you need to go and find him and carry him to Camp Office. And let's say after you find him the blizzard starts. Now you not only move slowly an need to watch out for the wild animals but also you need to keep your friend and yourself alive in blizzard and find a way home. If you success and reach Camp Office you will need to nurse your friend for some time. You would have to feed him, keep him warm, give him medicine and such or he'll die and won't be able to come back. Hinterlad may even create some kind of activites for a hurt guy so he wouldn't be bored for this healing time. Isn't that idea sound interesting? Of course it would be great if maps would be bigger and if there were changes in the game like chopping trees in order to get firewood and improve crafting. But I think this would really improve the game and make it more interesting.
  2. They can deal with this in the similar way like in campain. You would have to find your friend for limited time (let's say 1 or 2 in-game days depense of the weather) and bring him back to your shelter. And then you would have to care and nurse him for another week or so. He would not be able go out and had to sleep a lot to recover. Yes, you right. But I've played this game for so much time that I started to get bored and I want experience something else. The lonely isolation is great but co-op with your friend when you need to work together is still a great experience and I'm sure it will work well in this world. And as a player I want to have free will and be able to decide in what way I want to play. I've played solo for a long time and now I want to experience this game in another way and try to survive with my friend. So when they Hinterland takes away this option from me it is arogant and discouraging for me. I know how I want to play and I would like to have this option. If you want play alone - that's fine. But why do all the players play in the same way?
  3. Hello. I just registered on this forum and I did it becouse there is one thing in this game that irrytates me like hell. I just wrote basiclly the same in youtube comment under film promoting Errant Pilgrim update but I think this is much better place for that discussion. Right now I have 255 hrs in this game and I really enjoy it. But after I get to know every place in all the regions it gets really boring and predictable. Sure, I can still play of higher difficulty level or do challenges but I'm not into it. So now I am waiting for mods and co-op becouse I think this game really deserves it. I know Hinterlad claim they will never allow it but for me that really arogant and stupid approach. Hinterland thinks they know better how gamers should play and it's really annoying. I would like to spend another 300 hrs in this game playing with my girlfriend in co-op and I can't do that becouse Hinterland claim they know better in which way should I enjoy their game. And becouse of that vanity I'm affraid this game will become boring and it will loose it's potential. I think that soon there will remain only only a handful of fans who follow this game when in fact this game could interest thousands of people. And that's sad. I am strongly convinced that allowing players to play in co-op (even for 2 players) would really boost this game potential and bring more players attention. I myself would be more would be more willing to pay for another DLC's or just to supprt creators if this game would give me more playtime in cooperation mode. And the arrogant approach of Hinterland and knowlede that this game have expiration date and lost potential discourages me from it. And same with mods. There are houndrets of people that could improve this game and add more content to it but they can't becouse Hinterland is affraid mods will not be „lore friendly”. And becouse of that soon I will get tired and bored of this game and will stop playing it when I could spend much more time in it. E:. Sorry if this text is difficult to understand. English isn't my native language.