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  1. A fair point, but if you're gonna bring up that level of logic, then why don't ask why you need a hatchet at all. Or better yet, why it takes 8 whole minutes to smash a broom with an axe. My confusion was more mechanical. Compare it to the plank, where you also need a hatchet, it takes nine minutes, and gets you two reclaimed woods. For one extra minute in comparison, you get twice the yield. I know it's nit-picking, but it gave me pause is all. My immersion was shattered. Also, I'm very disappointed that you can't use the broom to fly around and play Quidditch on. How dare you Hinterlands?! For shame.
  2. I'm not sure if this has already been brought up already, but this is something I've been annoyed by recently. I don't get why you need a hatchet to break down the brooms. I understand that's the limitation between real life and the game, but it kinda seems like a bit much to require a hatchet for a thing that's only gonna give you one reclaimed wood. I would say, if it requires a hatchet to break down, it should also give you a tinder plug from the bristles or something. Otherwise I feel like it makes sense to be able to break it down without that, with of course it just taking a little longer. It's a tiny thing, but it jostled my immersion a bit. Am I completely off-base or do you all agree?