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  1. I can confirm something like this. In one hour of play at Timberwolf Mountain I had a wolf follow me through the door at mountaneers hut, and attack me on the bed by the fire. Later, a bear started running for me and caugth up at the very far end inside forest cave. It doesn't seem "glitchy" though, as their movement is fluid. It's almost like the invisible barriers that previously prevented animals from entering interiors are gone after last patch.
  2. I'm in Desolation Point now on a 500 day attempt, and this has happened to every animal I kill in DP. Killed 5 wolves in succession (Archery 5) outside Hibernia and lost 5 arrows with nothing to show for it. This is quickly making the game unplayable.
  3. In my game post 1.69, every other bear is invisi-bear, in all areas. Fun part is, every other wolf is also invisi-wolf (only appears during the fight-scene). And even funnier part is every animal killed in every area sinks into the ground, taking an arrow with them forever. So all that is left is to hunt deer, which when not insta-killed and sink into the ground, beelines directly for the new small changes to the landscape here and there to get stuck in the geometry...and then sinks into the ground. I still see the birds on top of an inaccessible cliff, or half a bird flying around at ground level inside a rock.