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  1. Objection! Trees absolutely do grow on rocks. 😉
  2. Wanted to re-try the old Wintermute beginning, so I went back to Vigilant flame. I must say, after playing redux, the days in the ravine really do feel a bit too like a tutorial instead of the beginning of a story. So, great job, Hinterland! I also love the playable prologue, which was only added in redux. The graphics have also been subtly improved, something I didn't notice before. And god I hate that old-but-manual cooking system! However there is one (1) thing I like better in the version before redux, and it is the longer walk to Milton. In redux you stumble into Milton right away after getting out of the ravine, but before you really had to travel there... through the cave and all... and because of that, it felt sooo rewarding to finally reach the town, and after seeing all those abandoned cars and frozen corpses, it really felt surprising to see that smoke coming from one of the chimneys...! (On the first play-through, of course, since I now know very well what to expect!) But all in all, I'm not really missing the old build. And definitely NOT missing things like the trust mission for Grey Mother! 😁
  3. Hard to name just one, but I love spending time in Hushed River Valley, since there is nothing but wilderness. No need to see empty houses or abandoned vehicles.
  4. I'm super bad at leaving things behind, so I'm always walking around with a full bag... I'm consciously trying to learn otherwise, but whenever I leave some item behind, I always seem to regret it later
  5. Committed my first suicide today... Why does it belong in the stupid deaths thread? Well... I though it would be fun to start a new game in Hushed river valley, since I've only visited there very briefly before. Things started off very smoothly, I found a dead guy with a survival bow, a few carcasses and to top it off, I made my way to a "mysterious signal fire", where I found a moose-hide satchel. Things are really going my way, I thought and went to take a sip from my water bottle. Expect it wasn't my bottle but instead a piece of raw wolf meat. Got food poisoning and internal parasites. Didn't really want to spend the first 10 days of a game just sipping reishi tea, so decided to walk off a cliff. RIP.
  6. I started with voyager and have no interest in stalker or interloper (at the moment at least). I have one save in pilgrim that I have named "vacation"; I play it just to relax and enjoy the scenery (and I roleplay in my head that I'm not stranded but instead just on a camping trip 😄).
  7. You make a great point, @ThePancakeLady! I must admit, I didn't think of HOH people at all... 😔 And you're probably right about the HUD as well. Surely we'll all get used to it in time.
  8. Tervepä terve! Olen pelannut useamman vuoden vähän satunnaisesti, mutta foorumille liityin vasta tänään.
  9. I'm jealous... I really want the mug, but even the lowest price for shipping is over 20 USD 😭 Enjoy your merch!
  10. Hello! Is there any way of changing the forum colors? It looks nice, but reading white on black for a long time hurts my eyes... Many forums have the option of choosing your own color theme, but if there is one here, I haven't noticed it.
  11. The only real problem in ep3 for me was that it felt really short... But yeah, carrying people for such long distances and in such conditions (snow etc.) is a pretty amazing feat for anyone, so some changes would definitely improve the believability of the games. But instead of building a sledge, I think it would be simpler to have Astrid find a stretcher from the crashed plane. Using one to transport the survivors would still be a difficult task and thus would show Astrid's determination to help, but it would be a lot more believable. If adding a sledge or stretcher would be too hard to do at this point, then having Astrid's stamina affected and having to take breaks would be a good idea as well. Possibly there could be a separate stamina meter for this mission, similar to the one used for mountain climbing...?
  12. (Hello, my first post incoming!) I personally like the music change accompanying the timberwolves, it's subtle enough to not break immersion (for me), but obvious enough so I don't get suprise-attacked. But yes, the HUD is a bit much. I'm not sure it's needed at all, since the music change will tell you once you have managed to scare or kill them all off. If it's seen as necessary, it could at least be made less bright colored. Maybe just plain white like all other HUD elements. I'm also loving the idea of added survival monologue as an indicator of timberwolf pack morality, but voice acting is expensive... moreover, I'm pretty sure that people would grow annoyed hearing the same monologue every time they fight timberwolves...!