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  1. I don't know if this has been suggested already but maybe being able to mark your map like in Breath Of The Wild, with different markers for different uses: a skull for where wolves regularly resides. Maybe a cross for where medicinal items are, a house for where buildings are. The thing that brings this up in my mind specifically is durring Episode 3 when I had to gather the supplies for the church, It took me forever to find gasoline for them, despite a large supply of it being in a nearby bunker, I should've remembered it forsure, but if I could've marked it on my map, would've made it a slight easier, and my idea is, in an area where the map has already been marked down with charcoal, if you hold the command to mark on your map, it'll let you make a specific mark of your choosing in any mapped area, at the cost of a piece of charcoal( or half of one??? Idk). Hopefully this hasn't been suggested already😅