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  1. @JMK Thank you! Utah and Hawaii do have wonderful landscapes, but quite different. Both are great though! 😊 @ManicManiac Thank you!
  2. I agree with all of the animal suggestions, especially the smaller and passive animals that would be a bit larger than the rabbit to hunt for food and crafting supplies. I just watched a documentary the other day in that I learned there are polar bears in Canada, which would be a highly dangerous animal if that were ever able to be introduced into the game at a later date. If you could ever bring it down, the waterproof fur would be a big bonus and perhaps introducing a camouflage technique that in wearing all white, you could crouch and hide in plain sight from other predators and prey. Though, heck no would I want to encounter one.
  3. Hello! New the the forum here, and forums in general, but not so new to TLD. Originally had it on my laptop before upgrading to my PS4 and can't describe how much I enjoy suffering and surviving lol. I have yet to actually start the story mode, which I will get to soon, but love immersing myself into the sandbox. I've learned it is the best with headphones to not only listen close to wolves and bears sneaking close to me, but to the environments sounds (snow crunching, wind whistling, etc.) and the music! Truly, it is a gorgeous game and I love the challenge. I enjoy the great outdoors, ironically not so much during the winter, which UT is a wonderful state to do so. Though, it's vastly different from where I am originally from, which is HI. (Get it? HI from UT xD) TLD is like my indoor outdoors and am so happy to introduce myself to the community!