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  1. Yeah I got another instance of submarine bear while crossing the unnamed pond in ML. Support replied to my request stating they're aware of the issue and working on it. Anyway, I now got myself stuck in terrain above the crash site in PV, and sprained an ankle and a wrist trying to get out of an otherwise perfectly safe looking pathway... 😓
  2. @wizard03 That's exactly what I experienced. I guess it won't be easily fixed though, as this bug occurence is quite rare.
  3. Yeah I've that case of 'still running' wolves, kinda funny as it reminds the old cartoons 😉 Anyway, one must be prepared to run anytime until this bug is properly fixed, as danger can hide literally *everywhere*.
  4. Hello there ! I've started playing the Long Dark early December, first in story mode then in survival mode after finishing episode three a dozen days ago. The game is really enjoyable, but despite some hotfixes following 1.64 release, I still encountered many cases of carcasses "sunk" into ice after entering a building. That wasn't much of a concern until today, 86th day of my experience on voyageur difficulty. After several days in Bleak Inlet, expecting an Aurora night I was leaving the Cannery workers residences at sunset on my way to the factory, crossing directly through the ice, when I crossed path with a living bear that was actually walking under the ice, thus invisible and unaudible until it switched to attack mode. I first heard it, then saw its head popping out of the ice, I was about to take a screenshot since I thought it was stuck in the terrain but to my horrifying surprise (not exaggerating) its body then popped out of the ice entirely. Too late to run away, I got hammered by the beast then patched myself up when I noticed the bear was coming back for a second strike. That's when the panic really kicked in and my little finger hit the crouch key (ctrl) instead of the run one (shift), and I got wasted a second time in a row. I miraculously survived the second attack, but lost rabbitskin hat and gloves and a pair of ear wraps, and the rest of my outer layer clothes got seriously damaged. I'm filing a bug report to Hinterland support, but I guess there's no way to revert back to a previous save given the game mechanics ? Anyway, it's not the first time I hear a bear or a lone wolf about to attack without being able to locate it, I generally didn't push my luck too far and ran away rather than going around rocks or hills to actually see the threat, but I suspect it's a kind of the same bug, except today the bear was really under the ice, this time I saw it... and that's much more worrying than sinking carcasses. Thanks for reading, I really needed to vent the pressure out 😅