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  1. @wizard03I bought a 1TB SSD, it should arrive today. I already made backups. I will replace the internal HDD and update the thread what the resault is. Thanks for the infos @ajb1978No, I didn't many breakdowns. Just ja few for reclaimed wood and cloth. Good to know, so I shouldn't do more breakdowns, the times are already bad enough ^^' @UpUpAway95Exactly! And this delay will extend with the playtime until you end up like me with 30 seconds waiting each loading and saving
  2. @manolitodeespanaI agree, hard to tell what's the cause. Maybe the support take a look in the thread or other PS4 players share there experience. Maybe there is some space for optimization. @wizard03 This is something that comes in my mind too. The PS4 also supports external harddrives but I would replace the HDD. The prices are going down for a while and 500 GB are fairly enough for me. Can I just take the savegame put them on an USB drive and after the SSD installation put it back on the harddrive? I would like to avoid loosing any progress.
  3. I can't speak for story mode but in the archivist challenge I noticed that too on PS4. I was at Forlon Muskeg with the aurora in the sky. I entered Broken Railroad and the effects in the sky were gone but the aurora was still going. Back to Forlon Muskeg and the aurora was still there.
  4. @ManicManiacYou'r welcome. Please let me know if it worked or not. @piddy3825To get the achievement you only need the locations listed here. You don't have to clear the entire map. Helpful for me was also this thread. At the end there are some screenshots what the maps look like. And charcoal? There are 197 locations/icons listed and when all of these pop up correctly at the first try, then it requires approximately that number of pieces. Some locations and icons can be mapped together so actually you can save some charcoal. Good luck!
  5. Yes, go on and try getting the achievement. I was a bit worried too because of the cave icon but I tried to be optimistic and just continued. Good luck with your challenge!
  6. Around 30 seconds when I enter a building. That means 20 to 30 seconds loading screen and 25 to 30 seconds to save the game. In that time I can't move, the picture freezes for the saving. That's pretty annoying when you loot a place that have many buildings around. Saving after waiting or sleeping takes not that long, maybe 10 to 15 seconds. Bluescreens are not a big issue. I experienced maybe five or six in BI and only one in Milton, zero in other regions. Compared to a fresh game these times are very "bad". When I start a new game or a challenge and enter a building loading and saving takes maybe 20 seconds together and I can move while the saving hatchet shows up in the right corner. I don't understand why. The size of the game file is nearly identical. Why does this slows down that much? P.S.: when I get a sprained ankle, the game freezes and I can go get some big moose kicks coffee :D
  7. Hello everyone, I played TLD since Steam early access on PC and took a break two years ago. The Episode 3 release in october last year made me to take a look back into The Long Dark No regreds, the game growth very well since I last played it! I'm a little bit of a trophy hunter on PS and I like to have my favourite games in my trophy collection. So I decided to buy it for PS4 an replay all the game. I didn't touch the story on console yet but I am on day 300 on survival mode with 100% world exploration. Bevor continuing to the 500 days trophy I desided to do challenges first. This was the moment I noticed that the game in survival mode takes much more time to save the game as it takes in challenge mode. I checked the size of the savedata but there is barely a difference. The fakt that I didn't noticed it earlier seems to be because of the slow changing of the duration. Something is slowing this down like crazy and when it continues I am scared of the time to save 400 days and counting^^ Is there anyone that have the same issue? Is there a fix for that problem? I would appreciate any kind of help! At the end, sorry for my bad english. I tried my best but I'm not that good at it
  8. I was wondering too until I came to the same result like starfish^^ Note: When you use the "Unload" option in the revolver menue the empty casings will automatically be added to your backpack.
  9. I just want to say thank you! I achieved the trophy on PS4 some days ago. The previous version helped a lot to get this done. Also thanks to the whole community and the forum. All the informations were very very helpful! At the end I was a little bit pround that I managed to get the trophy without the location list for BI One thing should be noticed: "Location Trigger - Rural Crossroads" is now called Thomson's Crossing like in episode 3. Also I had the same issue like ManicManiac. In my case the "Icon - Abandoned Mine" does not show up properly when zoomed out like a icons should work in your description. It is only visible when zoomed in. Anyway, this wasn't an issue for me to achieve the trophy.
  10. I achieved the trophy on PS4 just some days ago with the current update. I had the same issue that the icon "Abandoned Mine" in Pleasant Valley just showed up when zoomed in. That should not be a problem with the achievement. I saw your screenshots in the other thread. I noticed that the mine does not show up even when zoomed in. Did you try mapping the mine while standing on the roof of the entrance? That way I managed to get the icon at least while the map is zoomed in. It seams that this is the only way to map it at all. When you stand in front of it there is a way on the right side to get on the roof. I hope this helps.