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  1. So that we have to pick them up and start reheating again after a while? I think the "drink down to 0.01kg and keep lightweight medicinal tea in your bag" was way more patchworthy. (Maybe teas could give a condition, andrequiring to keep that condition for the length of one full cup to achieve the healing effect? Or a 'healing risk' that causes healing at 100% but goes away after a while of not filled up by drinking a full cup worth of tea?)
  2. Realizing what the Pilgrim animal setting means by "unless provoked". Was used to shooting with the rifle and even bears running away scared - also used to wildlife no longer running away in a straight line from the player. Well, a bow does neither make a loud scary boom nor is it as likely to one shot a bear ... "Hm. Ok he is again running away in my direction ... But why isn't he whining ... But I'm on Pilgrim and safe right ... oh no ..."
  3. Seperating the availability of high level items and the chance to find any items at all - yes, all for it.
  4. Just a bit more variety - like beavers in spots that are more appropriate to see them instead of rabbits, but basically the same as rabbits - and a cool beaver hat of course! ;D
  5. Sticks - they are all equal, they have no real condition tracking - why not bundle them up? Like ammunition they could be either a single stick on the ground and a splittable stack in the bag or the floor when dropped again. Granted: A single round in a box looks the same as 30 rounds in a box - do not know if the engine can make a single stick be a single stick again. Similar thing could be done with teas though - they do not loose condition anyway, right? Turn them into a thermos bottle stack maybe? Same as above - can <=1 cup worth of tea become a cup again ... ?
  6. Regarding the further usability of tinder items - yes, agree. A book burns for about 20 minutes in the game - a newspaper should give us a couple minutes as well, especially when piled up on a fire. Actual tinder could cut the time to start a fire in half at lvl3 and above when optionally used - would reduce the number of items in the world and the time we have to look patiently at a circle. ūüėČ
  7. I have been pushing these same thoughts around in my head the last couple of weeks. Cooking lvl5 basically transforms the player character into a pig, able to eat just about anything - but trees. Ruined food should just be that, ruined, inedible in every way, just crumble/melt/dissolve as soon as you pick it up. Suggestions: Spoilt food keeping its full caloric value could be changed to: - Cookable food: 20-75% => -1% calories for every percent below 75% <20% => -2% calories for ever percent below 20% - Non-Cookable food: 20-75% => -0.5% calories for every percent below 75% <20% => -3% calories for ever percent below 20% The ultimate bonus from lvl5 cooking skill could be scrapped and changed to the ability to prepare non-cookable food items by investing x minutes to restore 25% condition (removing mold, rubbing it off with snow, running it under water ... whatever fits) - this would offset the overall loss of calories from spoiling. Regaining 50% condition by cooking seems fair enough, cooking 25% food would even restore its full caloric value then. (Cooking 1% meat would give 51% steak with app. 75% of its original caloric value.) The risk chances for food poisoning listed in the wiki seem fine as well, but the effects of food poisoning are worth another look still. Especially that the player can just dedicate a day - or evening rather - to eat all the moldy goopy ex-food, pop two pills/chug a tea and go to sleep doesn't feel right. The poisoning could worsen with each additional poisoning - since the body is receiving increasing amounts of toxins, resulting in higher condition loss over time and more sleep needed to purge the system. Maybe eating <20% and getting poisoned could empty the stomach of 50% of its current contents (i.e. lower the hunger meter by 50% of its current value) - or maybe for every food determined by a second "die roll" against the same chance value for the initial poisoning to confirm the "critical failure" - maybe it always happens when the player is already poisoned.