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  1. I never considered that, in part because I never stopped to consider WHERE the game was set. If we're talking halfway up the coast of BC, then, yeah, no chance- I think most of the other suggestions still work, though. I was always considering Northern Canada as a whole generic setting in terms of the game, and there is an area where all of these biomes- forest, coastal, muskeg, tundra, etc- sort of come together: Hudson Bay, right along the coast where Ontario meets Manitoba, and Manitoba climbs north towards Nunavut. You are also right on the edge of Grizzly territory, and Polar bears are tracked frequently through the region. Whaling and fishing are also prominent. Since I mostly play survival, that region is MY Long Dark, since I'm familiar with the area, but far less so than with BC (Canadian airline prices for in-country travel are absurd). Of course, all of this leads me to my next idea..... The Kayak - goes well with the spear, and also allows for a second idea (The fish net). Clothing gets wet- and therefore cold- quickly, unless you have the right clothing type and coverage. Limits carrying capacity- meaning you have to drop most of your gear to use it- and the amount of fish/etc you can catch is limited due to size. One of those things one finds just sort of laying around at certain locations. I suppose if you went with a canoe you could technically craft one from the BC wilds, but the carrying/cargo options make it too easy; there's no penalty to be had, so no trade-off. The problem I see is that I doubt Hinterland would want to spend the time adjusting mechanics for water-based gameplay this far into things. Would be cool though, and allow for coastal exploration.
  2. Yeah, I figure some of them would likely be impractical/impossible from a programming POV- I don't have a coding/game design background, so I have no idea- but I still think it'd be cool to see some of them implemented.
  3. Hi All, Long Time Listener, First Time Caller...... I've been playing TLD for a LONG time, and am an Outdoor Enthusiast who lives in a remote area, so figured I would drop a list of things I would like to see added to future versions. I really dig this game, so any part I can play- however small- in making it better and more fun is a great pleasure. I'm sure many of these have already been suggested, but they're here anyway...... - Drag Sled I would love to see the ability to carry more at a seriously reduced cost to speed and increased rate of consumption of cals/hunger/thirst/fatigue. I find I spend a lot of time caching things at "safehouses" and going back to them periodically; the ability to carry more (and to drop the sled and come back to it when I'm done) is not only a great idea, but something most survivalists would construct during long-term scenarios in the Arctic. - SnowShoes A No-brainer mobility device in heavy snow environments. I'm actually surprised these haven't been incorporated yet. - Pemican Dried meat. High in calories. Fat can be used for candle-making (see below) - Candles You're a long-term survivor. You're going to begin looking for cool ways to use animal parts. You have all this bear/moose/deer/wolf/rabbit fat lying around from your Pemican adventures. Why not render tallow unto candles? I'm sure cured gut would make a great wick...... - Spear Can be thrown or jabbed. Would make a great defensive weapon against wolves or bears. - Sling/Slingshot A step up from throwing rocks. Greater accuracy, but adds weight and requires resources to build - Berries/increased Plant features I'm sure this is a commonly requested feature, but I would like to add my name to the requests. The game takes place in the Northern reaches, but not past the Tundra line, so berries and other edible plants would be present. For example, the ability to make pine needle tea for a health/temperature boost. - Pick/Shovel and Trench Fire I would love to see the eventual ability to cut into the ground, which allows one to lay a trench fire, which can then be covered over and slept on, keeping one relatively warm throughout the night. The shovel and pick could perhaps also be useful for other options, including speeding up igloo building (shovel) and mining coal in caves (pick). The pick would also allow one to lay a trench fire in Tundra (see below). - Igloo I have wanted this feature since I first saw this game, because it is so intuitive for an arctic survival game that it seems obvious, although perhaps difficult on the programming/gameplay side of things. In-game, this could be long-term/all-day project that would be a risk, exposing the player to the elements for long periods of time and depleting valuable resources while eventually providing a safe, secure, well-insulated shelter that could be returned to. Allow for setting a fire indoors, due to construction. - The Prone Rifle Position Not sure if plausible, but once you reach a certain level of markmanship, it makes sense to add a prone position for the rifle. It would lower temperature quicker, but provide superior range and accuracy. - Tundra Zone Eventually, I would love to see a new zone where the MC comes out of the tree line and into a Tundra Biome. It is not the barren wasteland people think it is, although spending extended time there would probably be only for the most advanced players. The Igloo feature- as well as the drag-sled, snowshoe, and current clothing options like the Bear cloak would come in handy here. Tundra features: Only dusk/night. Short dusk, LONG night. No wood. Arctic Fox, Caribou, hare, lemmings, and musk ox are all typically found in that biome, as well as walrus, seal and fish near ocean. Moss, heath- including berries- and lichen all grow in that region. Of course, no trip to the Tundra would be complete without the best animal feature..... - Polar Bear. Bigger, angrier, stronger, and harder to kill than its boreal relative, and difficult to see/target in the mostly-white climate, they would be the Apex predator of the game, and best avoided at all costs..... but if a player were to bring one down, the rewards- in meat, gut, hide, etc- would be great. Just don't miss. - A better nutrition/caloric expenditure work-in. Because managing calories against expenditure is such an important part of survival, I would love to see a reworked/more accurate approach to caloric intake vs expenditure, including more accurate caloric numbers, different rates of expenditure based on load carriage and activity, temperature, sprinting vs. walking, ill/injured, etc. There are people in the fitness world who understand these things (I am sure the Canadian military's fitness arm has LOTS of insight on temperature/load/caloric expenditure, considering they just spent the better part of two decades in the desert, and I know they have research/knowledge on Arctic-specific stuff, because of the Arctic Rangers program.) That's what I came up with from the hip while playing the game. I think The Long Dark could conceivably be one of those games that develops for years, growing and improving over time, and constantly evolving as it develops. I'll hang up and let you answer.