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  1. What do you mean? More ammo more fighting tactics to handle timber wolfs?
  2. That's way I like playing against them I just met them it is a fun challenge for me:)
  3. I agree with you:D in real life they do this tactic alot
  4. Just shoot em:) it lowers there moral p.s I love this future I faced many timber wolfs on the hardest difficulty and trust me the only option for you guys when facing them is shooting em. I really don't understand why so much hate is on Timberwolves ......
  5. Mine was I was walking out at night to a cabin that had my bed roll in it. Then a deer came running past me and made me jump. So I continued to walk back to the cabin that had my bed roll in it then I got charged by a bear and I died:( I still can't believe that I forgot my bed roll in that cabin:( lol.
  6. I had alot of deaths. One was I was walking at night because I was heading to a cabin to stay for the night. But then a deer spooked me and I jumped But as I continued to walk to the cabin a bear came out of the forest and I died before I could get to the cabin:( Guess the deer was not running from me:) I also had many other deaths but the one above is one of the worst ones I had:) I was on day 10
  7. I haven't seen timber wolfs yet. But I do see alot of grey wolfs. Are timber wolfs more deadly then the Grey wolfs in game? What do the timber wolfs do different that the Grey wolfs cant?
  8. Plz make this a future or a option if we choose to turn this on:) I would like to see bears breaking into cabin doors/windows if they are hungry it would be scary but a awsome future if this is added in a future update Plz make this a future or a option if we choose to turn this on:)
  9. I want these animals added in a future update plz Plz add these animals plz:D mountain lions more bear types bison elk And Wolverine.