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  1. My main thing I want to say is I think this is a great game. It is one of few games that has managed to captivate me in recent years. I like it. I don't know what it was like for you developers when you decided to start working on it. Perhaps embarking on that journey was a very bold move at the time. If so I'm glad you took the leap of faith. I approach this game as a piece of art or poetry. I can tell alot of passion went into creating it and I salute that. Being an artist myself I want to encourage you guys in the design team to first and foremost pursue your own creative vision. Alot of the suggestions here on the forum are good, but sometimes even good ideas don't fit a bigger picture. In the end you have to stay true to your own idea or else your piece of art will end up all over the place. It is in that context you should understand my bit of criticism, my reflection, my wish: The one thing I want more of in the Wintermute story is endearing characters. Mackenzie is great!! Astrid by comparison is alot more difficult to connect with, at least for me. Grey mother is weird. The priest is weird. The locked up forest talker is weird. The stabbed convict is wierd. The trapper is not outright wierd but he's not nice either. Molly is weird. I really like Methusela, but whatever his role is in the story, it must be very niche and ... weird. So a couple of weirdos are ok, but when do we get to the normal, sensible characters who don't talk in riddles? That being said, I am fully aware that you guys must follow your own vision. Whatever you do I will look forward to playing through the next chapter when it is released.