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  1. It wouldn't be a early game tool since like you said it is just simpler to use a sewing kit but more of a late game tool for when you have used all your sewing kit.
  2. It only works during the aurora and it is used to repair clothes but faster than sewing kis and fish tackles. It also need to be refilled with lines.
  3. I was harvesting a deer carcass with a fire lit next to me and then a wolf attacked me. Is it a bug or the wolves aren't scared of fires anymore?
  4. When you drink a coffee and press escape it still counts a one coffee drinked this way I got the coffee feat with thee our four coffees.
  5. yes and remove also the quest icons on the map and instead give more verbal indications
  6. I think it would be nice to add beavers and rats(let me explain first). The beaver has already been mentioned by others but I wanted to share my vision on how it could be implemented in the game. First, the rat. It's simple. You can place small traps in indoors to catch them and when cooked, gives about 150-250 calories. It could save your life if stuck inside with a monster blizzard outside and no food. Finally, the beaver. There would be dams across the maps. You can get firewood from it and you can dig a hole thru the nest to have access to the water and be able to fish. It would be really useful in areas were there is no fishing hut. Beavers will rarely spawn (They would be as rare as the moose but would spawn as a family of two or three and rarely four). They will defend themselves if attacked (pretty mutch the same way as timberwolfs) or if approached too close. You can catch them with snares but there is a high chance of it being broken. They can be scared by throwing rocks but not stunned. When they are killed, they give about 4.5 to 6.5 kg of meat, 4 guts, a beaver tail witch can be used as a wetstone and a hide that can be used to craft a new accessory: the beaverskin poncho. It cost 6 beavers hide(Im not shure if the number is balanced. Let me no what you think) and 5 guts. It has 1 degree of warmth, 8 degrees of windproof less mobility and 100% dryness. But it is really fragile. It covers the head, torso and a part of the legs. Since it doesn't cover all the legs, it just gives a 25% dryness bonus. It would be really nice tool to help when a surprise blizzard hits and you have no choice but to make an igloo. Edit: Let me clarify the 8 degrees windproof. The game only counts the windproof value of the outer layers and the poncho covers the head and the torso so it counts for the two of them.