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  1. Camp office/Lonely lighthouse and the pleasant valley farmhouse. As much as the farmhouse and just pleasant valley overall has killed me, I have to say If it were in a nicer region it would be 10/10 but it just couldnt go in another region. Camp office is there because it is just the place to make a base.
  2. Hmm, Good Idea. If you used cured leather for the pouch and guts for the elastic, as well as a strong wood like reclaimed wood or lot's of sticks, maybe something cured like maple? And it could launch rocks making getting bunnies easier? Personnaly, I think itd be a bit of a player convince, so it couldn't apply to the rabbit challenge where you have to throw the rock from far away and kill it.
  3. Good, I play on xbox to, have done for 3 years. hardly a veteran compared to the people playing since 2014, but i know and love the old open menu music. I hope you do too!
  4. I would like to see whiskey that provides a ten minute warmth bonus and a headache the after the next time you go to bed and if you drink more than half the bottle, your vision goes all saturated, like when you have an energy drink.
  5. It's been said time before and time again. I'd love to find a wounded dog in the outbuildings near the Pleasant Valley farmstead, Or outside a fishing hut in mystery lake, or the lake overlook cave next to the corpse? You could put dead rabbit corpses in the area as evidence of the dog being able to eat meat and drink blood to stay alive. You would need to gain it's trust, of course. A piece of meat for any animal handed directly to the dog? Breed wise, It would have to be a dog know for strength. I'm not talking about a Jack Russel or Spaniard, I mean a big dog. The Siberian h
  6. This is about two members of the riken, and what happens after the ship crashes. Enjoy! This is part 1, more parts to come. The Crew Of the Riken The boat crashed a few days ago. Once those lights started, we couldn’t keep the boat at a safe distance from the ice. We came to a grinding halt, and I and the other crew heard the wolf’s howls from the forest ahead. I headed down to see if there were any serious fractures to the hull. I was to say the least, surprised at what I saw. There was a huge hole, made by god knows what. The Captain came down the stair
  7. Whenever I'd go and search 'mystery lake map' I'd get an outdated one from 2017, without the destroyed lookout and proper scaling. I pretty much know how to get around mystery lake from the camp office to almost anywhere now. But it's also in regions like coastal highway witch I have less experiance in. Anybody know where I can find these 2020 maps?
  8. Happy new year and a thanks to all hinterland staff. -Zac
  9. I defo have seen a chocolate bar in a visor, 7 to 8 months ago.
  10. Hey there, I'm new here, but not new to the long dark, I've been playing for quite a while. I came to have a look at new suggestions and tips for the game. - Zac
  11. I think a packet of pasta should be a new food item to provide about 350-450 calories. It would have the "Warming Up" effect. It would need a pan to be boiled in, though, I reckon a can couldn't fit a packet of pasta. What do you think?