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  1. Now I don't know if this is something anyone else is experiencing but listen to this. On the 12th day of my newest survival run through I decided to venture out of my home base at trappers cabin and set up supply locations in Forlorn Muskeg. (I did this so the journey between Bleak Inlet and Mystery Lake would be safe in the case of a spontaneous blizzard). On the 14th day I was leaving the forge in FM and I took a shot at a wolf but it wasn't fatal so it ran away towards the tracks, I let it go because i figured I might find it later after it bled out (either way it wasn't worth the ammunition). Not to long later I took down a bear and spent until nightfall to make sure I got everything I needed from the carcass. I wanted to keep moving through the night so I could deploy my rope at the ravine and then find a safe place to spend the rest of the night. At about 3 hours after nightfall I approached the tracks I noticed a wolf standing perfectly still in the middle of an ice patch. I pulled out my rifle aimed it at the wolfs head. I carefully aimed. I took my shot. Nothing. The bullet seemed to pass though the wolf's head. Even if had simply missed my shot the wolf would have run away from the mere sound of the shot but nothing. The wolf stood still. At this point one of the creepier music tracks started playing and I got genuinely creeped out and scared for one of the first times ever playing this game. I had gotten to the point where I wanted to run into the wolf just to see if it would attack or react in any way, but I couldn't. The wolf was surrounded by weak ice. I took more shots at it, aiming straight at its body and aiming carefully, but the bullets just passed through. All I can say is that I will not be hunting any wolves for a long time, as the last thing I need is an army of undead wolves following me for the rest of the long dark.
  2. I don't know if this counts but every time I try to leave some stuff behind to go on a quick supply run I can never find enough stuff to drop. I always think, "oh but I might NEED my crowbar on my trip to a place where there is no need for such an item." I always end up with a minimum of 25 kg.
  3. So I was playing my first run and as I entered BI from the Ravine to go to the radio tower I made a quick stop at the ranger tower and I found a couple easy to miss spawns. 1. In between the bars of the left railing of the first flight of steps there is a can of stump remover. 2. If you loop past the door at the ranger tower there is a hook with a climbing rope hanging from it. If you guys find any other easy to miss spawns leave them down bellow!
  4. Do you get the code from the radio tower? also is it randomly generated to give each run a reason to find it?
  5. I have only played for a few in game day trying to find out how to get to the milling machine but there seems to be no way over to the last part of the dock. Anyone know how to get across that gap?