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  1. @Lonelyloper an excellent reminder that it could be unique for FM, so that players have to travel to get it
  2. @ThePancakeLady Hi I don't know if I read well but you wrote that "You need to boil 2L of water for each piece of clothing" no of course not my idea is that we only need 3 liters and one cloth to wash the body I didn't even think about washing clothes and i didnt mean a dirty toilet, or mudpuddle only non-potable water from the snow even the non-potable water is clean and certainly there were not so many cars or something else to make the snow dirty
  3. lol wrote exactly what I did a few days ago only I don't have rats I think it's a good idea but just for a barn not a normal home but that only means one the long dark needs new animals
  4. Hello hinterland and comunity. Sorry for my english (and my photoshop skills) stink could be added it would be easy, for example, as if we have unprocessed meat (those 3 dashes) only it would have a different color it could be added over time or especially by running a disability for long non-washing would be itchy skin itchy skin could not be cured until washed and it would make it impossible to have a 100% condition that would always go lower like a parasites it could be washed easily and a bathtub could be used for washing maybe just with non-potable water (for example 3 liters) and one cloth like a sponge would be enough thanks for reading and replying ❤️
  5. I think if they add any animal it will be amazing
  6. @UpUpAway95 Just like you say I like your idea with other regions. but I didn't think the player would collect branches to build dams. I meant that some of them could be taken without changing anything
  7. Hello hinterland and comunity. Sorry for my english but. I love this game so I thought how to improve it. One night I was wondering what is forlorn muskeg special. Sorry but I have to say nothing except it's a swamp. So I thought it would be good to add a beaver. Maybe you think it's useless. But in real life his tail can be used as whetstone and its skin is very waterproof. Of course it also has meat. For example from leather can be made waterproof socks and as I said from the tail whetstone (not high quality but usable). It would be very useful for late game. But the beaver is not so easy to catch and could only be caught only with traps. Only in special places where we could see the entrance, for example, from the non frozen water. It would also be very beautiful to model dams from branches and mud. Of course, some branches larger and smaller could be collected. And add some trees and bushes between the dams. Not much to make it always seem open. And specially fallen trees with beaver tooth marks. And so I ask you could do something like this and even improve this amazing game? Thank you for reading and replying ❤️