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  1. Yeah it's broke with the shaking aim for me. I hope they fix this
  2. I noticed that they are a bit heavier. I took meat from one yesterday that weighed 7 kg. None black wolf weighs that. maximum 6 kg and on average about 3.5 kg
  3. Timberwolf Mountain for me. Is my favorite spawn too because the loot path to the distress pistol in Ravine
  4. and Interloper a serious threat ! hahahahha
  5. Yes the moose is weak in the head. But the bear not ! Is the hump the sweet spot not the head.
  6. River Valley, en la señal misteriosa. No aparece siempre, pero es posible, con 3, 4 balas. He leído que Raph dijo que no era un bug sino intencional pero no lo confirmé. En todo caso es un item raro en Intrusión y tampoco sirve de mucho pues no se encuentran casquillos en el mundo con lo cual no se puede craftear las balas. Es más una curiosidad que nada. Hola ! Ve por la pistola de bengalas así tienes defensa contra los animales. La puedes encontrar en el fondo de la cañada de Ravine (en la máquina amarilla derrumbada) y en la cola del avión de Montaña de Lobos donde están
  7. Yeah the v1.60 allows us to add the coal just after lighting the fire (ignition wood is still necessary). This transforms coal into the ideal fuel for its excellent weight / duration / temperature ratio
  8. Hi ! the ones I know 100% guaranteed: Hushed River Valley: * Hushed River: The middle in the cave Broken Railroad: * Maintenance Yard: In the kitchen Forlorn Muskeg: * Old Spence Family Homestead: in the workbench Mountain Town: *Milton House (Grey Mother): next to the stove *Cave between ropes: beyond the park lowering the rope in the cave Desolation Point: *Hibernia Processing Pleasant Valley: *The Rural Store in the Tomson's Crossing *Pleasant Valley Farmstead: basement Timberwolf Mountain: *Mountaineer's Hut: in the hearth *Summit: