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  1. Well, I think you are entitled to your opinion of how you may enjoy the game, and so am I. On my first run, I was using the map regularly, despite the absence of a GPS marker. I found that having to try and match the landscape to the map was a very neat and original experience. My personal enjoyment of the third act will be hindered by not being able to experience the same thing, despite it having many qualities I'm sure. Note that it looks like I'm not the only one holding this opinion :
  2. I would love an option to disable the GPS arrow in story mode, as not having it drastically improves immersion, imho. Is there, by any chance, a workaround to disable it in the current state (maybe configuration file to tweak, an asset replacement, etc ?). I appreciate the GPS as it let me rush episode 1 and 2 after losing my save, but I don't think I'll play episode 3 until I find a way to disable it, as I'd like to be fully immerse in it, like I was on my very first run of episodes 1 and 2. Kind regards