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  1. First of all, Milton Mailbag seems to have died, but I’m writing it anyway. Secondly, I love the game, and I’m personally happy for buying it and it delivered amazing value compared to current scene of games. Finally, the question: do you guys think of the Early Access as a necessary evil that will be avoided in the future? I see that Hinterland suffered and still suffers criticism from the community for not releasing a completed game (story mode wise), and it gets bombarded with a storm of requests for new items. I don’t think that it is fair, the game is great as it is, and for example I don’t see anyone messaging Electronic Arts complaining about FIFA 20 (these sport franchises get away with 60 dollars every year for half baked games full of bugs). I honestly think that all of these started with Early Access, which made it look like the community could have their wildest dreams come true. On another hand, I think Hinterland handles communication poorly, like the release countdown that should never been put in place; jumping into reddit and later leaving; or calling long standing game mechanics as “exploits”, as if the players were evil hackers that are breaking the game. Anyway, the community is not used to such open channels for communicating with the developers, and the developers are not used to them either. I don’t think that Hinterland’s next game should be released like everyone else is doing it: full release at once, with no community engagement, full of bugs, with DLCs from day one. But I don’t know if either side learned their lessons by now.