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  1. Wow a literal winter paradise Amazing pics and short story!
  2. I agree with this. or maybe just some type of mark in the journal so we know its a mod. how many days do you believe it's possible to live on interloper? I know you don't believe people can live 100s of days but honestly it is possible to live that long without cheating. Also to assume people are bragging puts you in a negative frame of mind from the beginning so of course your not going to believe anyone. Another thing is some people play on console and I don't think you can mod the game on console but maybe I wrong about that. Advice is sometimes different based on play styles and theres more then one play style to live that long. I know awhile back I misspoke in another thread about how many total game days I have and if I ever gave bad advice in the past I do apologize and would be willing to try to clear anything up.
  3. Honestly if your going to threaten to remove me from the forums for using one swear word towards a person that was picking on me I'll just leave willingly.