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  1. I've lost all my progress many times in the last year reinstalling the game like 6 times because of major glitches and sound issues so all my records are gone if I showed you my journal right now all you'd see is my current 650 day run and and few bug testing runs I've done in the last year. I do plan on uploading my journal once I hit a 1000 days and I plan on bringing this run to 5000 days assuming I don't die... so you can check out my stats for my current run soon.
  2. I'm assuming 50 I haven't actually kept track I don't know how many hours I've played been playing the game for about 4 years I'm assuming alot
  3. Not sure why people hint that your lying just cause they haven't experienced the same as you... But anyways yeah I've found multiple box's of matches in one building lots of times, all those places have a possibility for multiple match box's plus Milton Grey Mother's house and Mystery Lake Carter Dam I could be wrong but I think the only main regions you wouldn't find more the one box in one place are Hushed River and Forlorn Muskeg.
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    "It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow man" Clearly one of my favorite movies... released before I was even born...
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    Not a bad Idea
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    What progress? I've never gone for The Faithful Cartographer achievement before. I don't work for Hinterland so I promise I will not "inflict" this on you I have no control what Hinterland does at all I was just saying how I feel.
  7. I want to start off by saying thank you! I always planed on obtaining the Faithful Cartographer achievement for some reason I never got around to it but reading your thread has rekindled my interests in doing so, I do have a question though (I should know this but I don't) How does the charcoal accumulate in the fires? is it one fire = one charcoal? Bet you can't wait to start mapping PV lol
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    Love the reference btw!
  9. You can defiantly find 5 box's of matches in one region on interloper I have like 50 interloper runs that go past 1000 days and honestly at least 60 or 70% of the time I end up with like 300 to 500 matches after searching the world and some regions you might only find one or two box's
  10. Thanks my clearly Canadian friend I know Eh! I honestly thought I'd find pretty much nothing it being 600 plus days in I'm not sure if Pleasant Valley is glitched or I just got lucky I'm thinking a possible glitch because I harvested all or most of the cattails in the region hundreds of in game days ago and now they've all re-spawned.
  11. One thing you can still do is to light a fire and stand out in an open area with a bunch of raw meat on you and just wait for the wolves to come to you and even if you miss your shot the fire should keep you safe. Guess that's the only way to bait now..
  12. not sure what you mean Take the PV Farmstead for example there's the one box in the basement right but I have got 3 box's on interloper just from the farmhouse one in basement one in file cabinet in basement and one in file cabinet on first floor. It's all rng and in my current 650 day run I have over 400 matches lying around. You can possibly find well over 500 matches in the world on interloper.
  13. Yes that's it If a wolf detects you now and you drop your decoy he will just turn around and walk away as if you or the bait aren't sitting right in front of him plus they seem to be taking direct paths to get to you instead of zig zagging although I have had a couple of wolves zig zag since the update most seem not to.
  14. thanks for your in depth analysis Yes on interloper you can find 5 box's of matches in one region
  15. @jeffpeng I was originally a little confused with the new wolf behavior but now I agree with you it's 100% easier.. I honestly like the old way better. As for aiming something I don't think Hinterland thought about with this change is that some people play on console and it's much harder to aim with a controller then a mouse and I've never been a fan of games where the person who can move their fingers and wrists faster will always do better. "Baiting" just imo was a choice and I didn't use it all that much before the change but I liked having the option, oh well.