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  1. Can nobody please clarify exactly what this means? Is there now an option to use a flare during a wolf struggle with timberwolves? Or does it mean if you light a flare before they start attacking they'll leave you alone? Also, does anyone know if marine flares exist as loot outside the new region? I haven't found any yet on stalker, and only one in the plateau area which I used already getting out of there. It'd be really nice if there was, I have like 40 regular flares stored at my base and not one marine flare. I think at least the other coastal regions should also have them, it only makes sense they would.
  2. Really looking forward to the new region, but I wish timberwolves were kept out of survival mode, or maybe made optional in custom sandbox. I hate them. Didn't even finish chapter 3 because of them. I prefer sandbox anyway but regardless, I feel that's going to take away from the excitement of a new region for me. And also there hasn't been any background music on PS4 in almost a year, so not going to be too happy if new music is added and we still can't hear any at all.
  3. Thanks for welcome! But I know, it would just be a small advantage. I do think there are situations where getting to your destination a little quicker or without losing as many calories would be helpful, especially in interloper. But more than anything it would just be cool to have and I'd welcome any new crafting items you know?
  4. Hello all, I know this topic has been brought up before on here but I wanted to add my take on how adding snowshoes could work. The devs aren't slowing down with development at all so there's always a chance this could be added. I'm Canadian myself and at some point it occurred to me there's no snowshoes in TLD. And it's always bothered me. Like what could be more Canadian and thematically perfect for this game than that? I myself have used both modern and old school style snowshoes in real life many times, so I'm basing some of this off my real experience. I think it would be cool if snowshoes were craftable-only, or at least very rare like the other accessories. And they would be the old school guts and wood kind, so to craft them maybe it would require 6 guts, 2 cured maple saplings, and 2 cured leather. 1 sapling for the rim of each snowshoe, 3 guts for the webbing, and 1 leather for foot straps. This would also give us another use for cured leather, because once you have hide boots and gloves the leather becomes useless. This would be fairly realistic to what is actually required to make snowshoes so I think that would be a good translation into a game item. To repair them it might require 2 guts and 1 leather? Or maybe they can't be repaired like the bow, but if you're careful with them they could last a long time. Now how they would actually work. I think they should make your walking movement speed 10% faster without costing any additional calories or energy. The condition of the snowshoes would drop faster if you walk on a roadway or indoors with them, and would drop a lot if you experienced a fall while wearing them. You could not climb a rope while wearing them or those little ledges with the vines. Maybe they could even slow you down a bit when on ice because you would slip more wearing them. Now for sprinting. From my experience it is not impossible to run or sprint pretty fast wearing snowshoes. But it does make you very dehydrated especially. So my idea is that you can still sprint just as much (maybe wearing them removes a little of the total sprint bar though), and while sprinting all three bars, hydration calories and energy all deplete at three arrows down. So you can still sprint, you just probably don't want to that often and may not need to because you move a little faster with them. A few other details could be that wearing them while encumbered causes a chance of breaking them, and the more encumbered you are the higher the chance, kind of like how sprains work. So gameplay wise you make want to take them on and off in different situations. With all of these details together I think it would be a pretty dynamic addition to the game and how useful they are would vary depending on where you are what situation you're in. Anyway, that's just my ten cents. And btw I'm new to the forums here to go easy on my please