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  1. So I've been clearing out Milton, then going to the farmhouse to check for a rifle and moving into Forlorn Muskeg. Once I got as far as the Broken Railroad before I died. I didn't know that stones deterred the wolves, will try that. Does the flashlight definitely discourage them? Last time I died it was trying to get to the radio tower laptop during the aurora and the flashlight didn't seem to do much!
  2. Really struggling with the Archivist Challenge (I'm not a super experienced player; have completed Story mode and the Nomad Challenge but Survival mode bores me after a while - I need goals!). Anyway I have failed the Archivist Challenge maybe 5 times now all due to wildlife, mostly wolves but one memorable run-in with a moose (which I had never seen in-game before). Each time I start by looting the buffer memories in Milton, looting a few houses and then heading off to a new zone and that's as far as I get. I really feel like it's all dependent on finding a gun in Milton which I haven't found yet. Any tips for this? Is it worth just starting the challenge in hope of a gun in Grey Mother's house and then restarting over and over until one spawns there? Any thoughts would be appreciated!