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  1. Skelegutplays, thanks for your input but i searched it up and all those animals do live in Canada which is where the long dark takes place. Also although the raccoons loot would be unnecessary i think it would be interesting if there would be a consequence with food left outside, hence the raccoons stealing it. Just thought id clear that up
  2. That pile consists of roughly 4 bears, 1 moose, 14 wolves, 9 deer, 10 rabbits and 100kg of fish I am a compulsive hoarder who always has to full harvest every carcass i see. what am i doing with my life
  3. Hey peeps im new to the forum but the other day i thought of some things that would be cool to have in the long dark so here they are. -Bison Rarely found in herds, acts much like a moose, will stamp their feet if disturbed and if player doesn’t back off they will charge player resulting in a cut scene like a moose and result in broken ribs. If managed to be killed offers 50-65kg of meat and hide can be used for a cloak and pants. -Pheasant A type of prey that can be shot and eaten, once it is shot it may be picked up (much like a rabbit but heavier) then harvested. Offers more meat than rabbit but less than a wolf (maybe 3-4kg of meat?) Then can be plucked for feathers that can be used for arrows(?) -Boar Will charge at player if disturbed but flees from fire and gun shots. Being charged results in small loss of condition and torn clothing. Offers more meat than wolf but less than deer (6-7kg?). Hide cat be made into a hat (not as warm as rabbit hide hat) and tusks can be used to craft a makeshift knife. -Fox Avoids player and flees when played is detected, will steal dropped meat. Small burrow can be found and accessible by crouching, dead rabbits and scavenged meat may be found inside. Foxes will bring spare food to their dens and if player is caught too close to their den or interrupts fox eating they will growl and if player doesn't back off they will pounce on player resulting in a struggle (like the wolf struggle), small loss of condition and possible blood loss along with torn clothing and risk of rabies. Foxes kill rabbits and scavenge meat from deers. Fox hide can be used to make gloves (warmer than rabbit hide mittens). -Elk Acts the same as deer but slightly more rarer. Offers more meat than deer (10kg?) And it's hide can be used to make elk hide boots and pants which are slightly tougher (better defence and wind protection) than deer hide but not as warm. -Little brown bat Can be found sleeping in caves or mines at day, if disturbed (player gets too close or lights a lantern/flare) they will fly at players face giving rabies risk then leaving. If player is holding a flare than the bats will just fly off. Might be seen flying at night. -Racoon A relatively rare animal that avoids the player and will steal items in outdoor containers on occasion (e.g. fishing huts) if killed it can offer a small amount of meat (3kg?) And it's hide can be used to make a fashionable hat that offers little warmth but not as warm as the rabbit hide hat.