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  1. Had a similar problem on xboxone. My old save (+215 days on stalker, prepared to live forever; )) crashes when I try to leave TM. Happens since the e3 update. By reinstalling the game I kept my saves, but lost all feats that I did not use in this saves. All badges gone too. And the game still crashes. Your saves should be saved in the cloud and all active feats with them, as long as youre playing online. But everything that is only saved on your console respectivly not activated in your saves will probably be lost. And in my case, reinstalling did not fix the problem. Only way to keep on playing was to start a new save. Nonetheless, good luck!
  2. Looks like I am in good company... Tld is my favorit - but worth mentioning are furthermore: - Half life series - Fallout series - Elder scrolls series - Dying light - Metro series (in ranger mode) - also enjoyed good old Doom and Resident Evil - Kingdom come: Deliverance - Soma - Inside - the very first Farcry - Bioshock series - Mario, Zelda, Earthworm Jim and Secret of Mana (when I was young) And many more, but I cant remember them spontaneous.
  3. Thats good news! Cant wait to test it, thank you very much!!!
  4. Sad but true. In my opinion, version 1.58 made tld the best and most immersiv game I ve ever played. And the mentioned "exploit" really made sense to me because it felt realistic. I also have my problems with the new crafting menu, louder sounds and hdr graphics. To make it short: with everything that has changed. And to be honest, I worry about the new timberwolfs when they come to survival mode. Problem is, I play on xbox and cant use the time capsule, so I guess I will have to get used to the new version. I really would wish, Hinterland would release a time capsule on disc for xbox / playstation. Otherwise I trust in the devs to create something new that is also great, for many players maybe even better, and I really appreciate that they always keep on working on their game. So I decided for my self to wait and see. Give it a chance.
  5. Hello everybody! The new ability of the wolfs to take a decoy from far away is as far as I know a bug and it will get fixed soon. Sorry if my english is not perfect.