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  1. I WILL PAY ANYTHING FOR SURVIVAL MODE UPDATES!!!! TAKE MY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. So happy to hear survival mode being the priority here. Can't wait for the hot fix and the new map to get to survival mode
  3. "Day 4: Woke up. Took pain killers. Went outside, looked at sun. Sprained my wrist looking. Took pain killers. Don’t care about food, only pain killers. Took more in case of a sprain. So very happy in the sun. Counted my pain killers. Named them. They are nice. So few though. Sprained my ankle liking them. Took more. Vomited. " so amazing. strangely realistic. sounds like its straight from erowids vault.
  4. Awesome! I really like the ability to remeber item location on the map...tahts cool. Also thanks for all the quality of life improvements!!!!
  5. Thanks for the update! Plz Dont forget about your INTERLOPER fans!
  6. Thanks jeff for your very thoughtful response. You're an absolute legend 🤠🤠🤠 The thought of having a slave game pc that i can stream to anywhere is just friggin awesome. I will investigate
  7. hey jeff & stratvox I really enjoyed reading your technical discussion and wish I knew a little more about sys admin stuff / computer architecture. Two questions which I have which are maybe off topic but I trust your opinions: 1) i use ubuntu daily for work but usually use windows to game and i have a dual boot on my laptop. I did once install the steam client on ubuntu. do you guys game using linux or windows? 2) Any suggestions for a gaming laptop? my current lap op only has an integrated video card and I would love to see the long dark in better shape haha. I dont play many v
  8. HRV is the most underrated location in the game by far. If you play on interloper this place has the BEST loot in the game: bed rolls, moose carcass, lots of coal, rare clothing etc. There is also a LOT of wildlife and cattails so food is plentiful. Also the weather is among the best of any map. The only complaint i could ever have is there is no workbench. I usually have to leave eventually to craft arrows(personally i feel that crafting the simple arrow once you have the head, feather, and shaft should not require a workbench) and fishhooks(also maybe shouldnt need a workbench).
  9. This update offers little for the interloper players. Please keep true to the uncompromising survival mode. Suggestions: flare she'll crafting, improvised rifle crafting Also please check on the wolf bait behavior
  10. oh no. definite weak sauce w/ the prize advertisement
  11. so happy to hear the wolf&bear problems resolved. thanks so much!!
  12. Sanbox survivor mode. I do not care about story mode at all