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  1. I was initially against the idea of having build-able houses, since I didn't think it would fit the theme of TLD, but the other day I stumbled across a Russian streamer who was using place anywhere mods to build tents and other objects. They looked absolutely incredible and fit the game wonderfully. Here is an example of one of his builds. This completely changed my mind about making structures in TLD, I'm now all for being able to create tents and stuff like that, it would have to be fairly resource-heavy though.
  2. No worries man, glad you liked reading it! I haven't been playing much recently but I'm planning to get back into it when the December update comes out, if I end up playing more I'll post about it here. Your wishes to add deadman to the game seemingly haven't gone unnoticed, they mentioned they are making it a challenge in the new blog post. I might end up playing that instead of the custom mode, depending on how it's implemented. Best of luck when you reattempt the challenge, I'll keep an eye out for it on the steam forums.
  3. I’ll have a bow and around 10 arrows by the end of day 15, I think I’m going to kill two bears over 2 days, leave their hides to cure and then head off to TMW. I’m hoping to get 100 days, that’s my long term goal. I doubt I’ll make it there on this run but hopefully I’ll do it eventually.
  4. Thanks, I'm glad your enjoying it! Well done on getting 37 days, do you have any advice or strategies that I could use to make it that far?
  5. Day 8 The night was tough, I didn’t have enough firewood to make it all the way through and the back of the cave was too cold to warm up. I managed to get through by doing stick runs and kept the fire going all night, and I even saved 5 bits of coal for the forge. I brought 8l of water with me up the rope to Milton and planned to make more using the maglens. It was about -6* when I left, meaning I could travel pretty far without worrying about the cold. I should be able to warm up at the small building before the gas station as well. I drank my coffee before going up the rope, I didn’t want to have to sleep for the rest of the day. Plus, I’m pretty sure there is a guaranteed coffee spawn in Milton, which I can use for TMW. The weather quickly deteriorated, falling to -12* as I was climbing. I made it up the rope with three quarters of my fatigue bar still full and made a dash to the small park building. I found a summit soda, before continuing on to the gas station. Inside I found a ridiculous amount of food, totalling around 2150 calories, along with 2 boxes of matches. My prybar ran out of condition as I was opening a locker, which actually led to the locker being broken as well. I guess I damaged the door? I headed on to Milton and found no wolves at the entrance. I’m starting to worry I messed up the settings by now, I’ve never seen this place fully free of wolves, even on interloper. Maybe I’m just getting extremely lucky? I looted most of Milton, dropped off some things at grey mother’s house, and found even more food, before making my way to the church. I planned to loot the church, the pond nearby, then loot the next pond leading to the bridge for the cattails, before looting the rest of Milton. After this, I’ll probably go to the basin. There were no wolves on the path to the church, however when I reached the doorstep I heard a bark, but not at me. This was quickly followed by the screech of a rabbit; the wolf had found dinner. That meant I had about half an hour in game time to loot the lake before he was back on the prowl. I then turned right and saw 3 more wolves on the lake. I guess that’s where all the ones from Milton went. I reconsidered my trip to the lake and planned to just leave as soon as possible. I found a storm lantern and some more food inside the church and decided to try and leave the church before nightfall. I took a quick nap and woke up to the sounds of strong wings whipping against the window. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded, however, with the feels like temperature only being -11*, which is more than enough to make it back to Milton. A wolf detected me from far over the hill and came charging but ended up getting clipped on some terrain. No clue how that happened, but it meant one less issue for me to consider. I made it back to grey mother’s house with no issues. I ate some of the food, drank some water, and went to sleep until dawn. Overall, a productive day with no condition lost. Day 9 This is my clothing setup at the moment, not the best but not the worst either. I was missing a few key items though, mainly a coat of some kind. I had a lot of food this morning, I ate until my hunger bar was almost full, before heading out to loot the remaining houses of Milton. I was excited when I found herbal tea in a cupboard, before realising that it had absolutely no use in this mode. After looting the rest of Milton, I decided it was time to begin my trip to the basin. There was not much else I could get from this region without being eaten by ten wolves at once. I took a quick nap at the grey mother’s before heading off down the stream towards the farmhouse. It was lightly snowing, with a FL of -12*, however, most of that was from windchill. If I could remain in windbreaks, I should be able to make it without any condition loss, even if I stop to crab cattails. I was right, mostly. The weather was starting to get worse before I got them all, so I went for a break to warm up at the farmhouse. I ended up getting heaps though, more than enough for the next few days. As I was approaching the farmhouse, a wolf spotted me from over the hill, their detection range is crazily far. As he was trailing me, two more appeared from over the same ridge! I checked the dead guy in the barn first, and he actually had the key! If it was in the truck, I would have no doubt had been attacked by the wolf. I’m skipping the cattails I missed, I’m going to stay the night here before heading down into the basin. This place has had too many close calls with wolf clusters for my liking. I went inside the farmhouse using the key and made it in with the wolf nipping at my heels. Inside I had a look around, finding some scrap metal, and a simple parka. Finally, my first coat. I also found a pair of wool socks, followed up by a sports vest. I couldn’t believe my luck! My clothing is now much more solid than it was before, with a high enough wind resistance to withstand those mildly snowy days. I took the rest of the afternoon to repair those all up to full. I only failed one repair, meaning I could get pretty much everything in. Only two more repairs needed to bring all of my clothing above 90%. My new warmth bonus was a toasty +12*, which is impressive considering I didn’t have any animal hide items, combat pants or even a second toque. It wouldn’t be hard to bring this up to a +16*, if I got a bit lucky with item spawns. I plan to return to this region soonish, mainly to get the cattails I missed and the combat pants spawn in HRV. Day 10 I woke up, quickly made a few repairs, then headed off for the basin at around midday. It was -6* with a windbreak but -15* without one, so I had to stick to walls and any other kind of cover I could find. I made a fire using my maglens at the deer near the rope, I planned to grab the hide and meat. Deerskin pants will come in very handy, if not for their temperature then for the protection that they provide. I finished cooking it all right as the wind kicked up, so I grabbed some torches before continuing. Thanks to my new clothing, I was warming up if I was in a windbreak. Climbing down the rope took about 1/6th of my fatigue, not as much as I expected. The second rope did much the same. I don’t think I can continue any further than this today, I’ll loot the place before staying the night in the cave. Hopefully it’s warm enough. I grabbed lots of cattails before my fatigue bar emptied out, so I slept a bit in the cave. I ended the day with 80 cattails, a deer hides, and enough water to make it to broken railroad. Day 11 I had to use the last of my lantern fuel to sleep through the morning; it was too cold without the +3* bonus that the lantern offered. I set off for the broken railroad at midday. If the weather wasn’t in my favour, I might have to use a match, since the journey is far too far to avoid taking damage. I made it across the rest of the basin with no issues and continued on to the muskeg. It felt like -1* in windbreaks, so if I needed more temperature I could stop for a bit in a windbreak and warm up. At marsh ridge I found my second stim, giving me an extra +15* if I need it. Ideally, I won’t, but I cant stay at 91% condition forever. I mountain-goated down the cliff, and made my way into broken railroad, getting a maple and birch sapling along the way. It was warm enough to gain temperature without windbreaks, so my stroll through the muskeg was unusually pleasant. Only travelling in the afternoon has really helped me this run. It means I don’t have much time to do stuff, but I never lose condition to the cold. Now, I just have to keep my clothing advantage over the weather, which will probably involve me getting a wolf coat. I’m starting to feel like I messed up the wolf settings somewhat. I never see any, except for in massive clusters. I’m not sure if this is normal behaviour in Deadman, but its annoying whenever I run into a cluster of them. Hopefully there isn’t one outside of the maintenance yard. Basically right as I typed that, I saw 3 wolves together. I threw rocks on the right side of the path, then ran to the left. This worked on one, but one started to trail me, so I lit a flare. This meant I could light as many fires as I had tinder and use them to scare off the wolves. I ended up lighting 3 fires to dodge 6 different wolves to make it to the yard. I found a thin wool sweater in the outer area of the yard, bringing my warmth bonus up to +13*, before going inside and using the flare to light up the forge. I got it going for 7 hours before putting in any coal, to minimise the amount of coal used, before looking around for scrap metal. In the yard I found another box of matches, my 4th box of salty crackers and some decorative herbal tea. The salty crackers will serve as travel food if I ever really need to keep the weight down. After that I added some fuel to the forge, then went to bed before my fatigue bar became empty. No condition lost today. Day 12 I spent pretty much all of today in the maintence yard, crafting tools and breaking down crates for firewood. I mistimed my hatchet crafting and lost 1% condition to fatigue, but besides that nothing else really happened. I didn’t find the stim in here if there is one, I thought there was but I’m probably misremembering. Day 13 I also found a bug with breaking down the crates. If you need firewood at night and have a torch and a fire already burning, light the torch before breaking down the crate. This lets you break down the whole thing even if the torch runs out. At midnight an aurora picked up, bringing the dead yard to life with flickering lights and live electrical wires. I’m so glad I wasn’t standing on one when I was breaking down a crate, I would have been dead on the spot. Something odd kept happening while I was forging. I kept having cans of pork and beans seemingly appear out of nowhere. I found one when I first walked in, ate it, then had one appear in my inventory again, before finding another one just sitting on the floor! My best guess is that my memory is terrible, and that I just didn’t eat it. I finished forging at midnight, with 10 arrowheads, 1 axe and a knife. I wasn’t worried about my lack of knives since I was lucky enough to find 5 whetstones, and I don’t normally carry the hatchet with me in interloper anyway. Day 14 I woke up at midday and quickly made up my mind about what to do next. My two options were to grab the cattails by the lake, head up to the lodge, then head back down to FM, or just go straight to FM. I decided to go to the pond for the cattails but skip the lodge. I could come back to it later, but I was running low on cattails. The guards of the lake consisted of two wolves, that I thought I could avoid by staying far enough away. It does block off half of the cattails though. They just kept barking, but I don’t think they detected me. I grabbed all of the cattails without any issues, and quickly made my way back to the yard. I used this time to consider a dilemma I had. The run was going to get very tough on my food supplies very soon if I couldn’t eat wolf of bear, and I’m not a fan of risking intestinal parasites for every bit of meat that I eat. To counteract this, I could use power levelling to my advantage, kill a few rabbits, cut them into very thin strips, and cook it all to get to cooking level 5 very, very quickly. I’m currently almost at cooking level 2, at this rate it would take around 50-70 days to get level 5. Chances are I won’t live that long. I think I’ll make up my mind when I get back to trappers, I’ve got more pressing matters to contend with in the meantime. I slept an hour to get my temperature back up, before having a glance outside to check for wolves, and found it blissfully wolf-free! Not only that, but the temperature was a comfortable -3*. All I can do now is hope that all of the wolves haven’t migrated specifically to block my path out of here. Sure enough, there were two wolves waiting for me at the entrance. I lit a fire and played chicken with them, hoping to get them to bolt away, and sure enough it worked. Both ran for the hills, and I used this to slip past back onto the track I needed to follow to get out of BR. The rest of the journey out of there was fairly uneventful, I stuck to windbreaks to maintain warmth and that’s about it. And that’s when I realised… I left my deer hide, maple and birch saplings at the maintenance yard! Its not too big of a setback, I’ve still got the maples and birch at trappers, I’ll make the bow there, return here and massacre all of the wolves to get my others back. But its still a mistake I shouldn’t have made. Had I left something more important behind, going back could cost me my life. It was already late afternoon when I entered the muskeg, but due to the high temperatures I decided to try and reach the trappers before nightfall. I heard howling on my left as I entered, but it was too far away to be a concern. I had had a fairly uneventful first half of the trip when I ran into another wolf pack. The image doesn’t show it but there were 3 there, perfectly blocking my path to poachers. I’d have to take a longer way around. If the weather was being more brutal, then this would be a scary detour, but my good luck granted me a bit of leniency with the time I took. I reached poachers right as the weather went bad and made a fire as soon as possible. I found a storm lantern and a windbreaker in there. I swapped my sports vest out for the windbreaker and broke down the lantern for the fuel. I got the fire going and had a two hour nap. When I woke up I could hear a wolf eating something right behind the cabin, but I didn’t have enough fatigue to make it to trappers from here. It was more than warm enough, a nice, yellowish fog had set in, but I would lose around 2-3% condition due to fatigue. Not worth it. I decided against my better judgement to go for it and grabbed a torch. If no winds picked up, I could use it to start a 1hr fire then sleep, preventing me from losing any condition to fatigue. The wolf was too preoccupied with his food to go for me, and I decided not to grab any cattails to minimise my time spent out here. I had 60 already, and I could come back and grab them if I needed to in the future. I got back to the cabin without losing any condition, and found cured guts and saplings waiting for me. Now I get to seek revenge on the wolves that caused me so much strife and kill the bear that likes to lurk out the front of trappers. I ended my second week of Deadman with some interesting observations. I don’t think the main enemy is the cold, as it is in regular interloper, but rather a mix of hunger, cold, fatigue and wolves. It is very easy to lose single points of condition to fatigue, which is impossible to get back. Even though I’ve had a pretty solid start to far, I’m still worried about the longevity of the run, mainly regarding food. I don’t think I’ll be able to get cooking level 5 without power levelling, and while I don't want to use power levelling if it is the thing that will keep me alive, I think I will.
  6. I've been intending to try the Deadman mode for a while, but I didn’t get around to it due to me wanting to make progress on my main interloper run. I finally got around to it and it is really, really fun. It’s been a while since I’ve truly struggled to survive and had to carefully consider all of my decisions and moves. It’s like playing interloper for the first time again. This is my first time posting here, so apologies for any formatting issues. Sorry if it’s a bit long! Attempt 1, Day 1 I spawned in DP, next to little island and ran to the Riken. I knew that I probably wouldn’t be warm enough in there to regain temperature, so I had to minimise my time outside to reduce condition loss. It was around midday, so the temperatures were somewhat low. I made it to the Riken with around half temperature, grabbed the coal, the scarf by the door the two cans of food, and set out for Hibernia. Around the boats towards the entrance, there was a wolf stuck underneath the docks. He kept spinning around over and over, before spotting me and staring me down. I kept my distance, but he couldn’t escape his cave that was the thin wooden poles with massive gaps between them. I made it into Hibernia before hypothermia risk set in, still on 100% condition. Inside I found my first box of matches, some painkillers, food, and that’s about it. I then made by way to the lighthouse, with my temperature bar just emptying before I reached the door. I broke down some crates, made a fire to boil some water, and went to bed the moment my fatigue bar emptied out. I found a stim upstairs, which I will need to use carefully, since they are the only form of condition recovery in this mode. I ended the first day with matches, water, some food, a stim and still on 100% condition. Day 2 Today I planned to make my way to coastal highway, before hopefully reaching the misanthrope homestead. I was snowed in all morning, with a -30* blizzard pounding at the door of the lighthouse. There was no chance of me making it to the mine with that weather, especially with +3* clothing. The weather cleared by around midday, and I began the trek to the mine. I ran into a friendly rabbit, and then used him to avoid two wolves I ran into. Upon entering the mine, I found a flare, which I used to light my way through, grabbing coal as I went. When I exited the mine, I made a beeline for the deer carcass, made a fire with the flare before it burnt out, and harvested the meat before continuing. I grabbed some torches from the fire and planned to make a second fire to warm up if I got hypothermia risk. I wanted to go into the basement, but never got the chance as a wolf spotted me as I rounded the corner. I lost him by dropping off of a ledge and continued on to coastal highway at nightfall. I went around the three broken houses by following the highway and switched course to get to misanthropes by cutting across the ice. I tried to make a fire to warmup but realised that I only had one tinder. I failed the 80% fire and had to continue with no fatigue and rapidly losing condition to the cold. The bear had gone for a stroll and spotted me just as I went up the slope leading to misanthropes. He was far too far to catch me though. I made it to the door of the cabin at 89% condition and heard footsteps out the back of the house. I was hoping for a rabbit but got a wolf instead. He delayed his charge due to my lit torch, which allowed me to make a mad dash inside, ending the day with significant condition loss, but significant ground made. The journey out of DP isn’t an easy one, especially not for a Deadman. Day 3 I decided that I wanted to try and leave CH instead of looting it fully, mainly due to the low amount of food. Not being able to rely on cattails is a real challenge, since they are 90% of your early game food supply. I might return to this place and loot the harder to reach areas once I have a bow, if I make it that far. I woke up with a red thirst bar after sleeping 10 hours and decided to check my condition. I had lost 4% overnight! I guess the thirst drain of Deadman is much more extreme than interloper. Ill try to sleep 8 hours next time. I looted the house in the morning and found a cup of coffee but that’s about it. I plan to save that for climbing TMW. I ate my last can of dog food before heading out in the late morning. It was a bit early for my liking, but I had to find more food before I started to lose condition. I went down the cliff on the left of the doorway towards jackrabbit island and spotted some rabbits on the way. After hitting them both with a stone, I started a fire in the fishing hut, cooked them both, boiled some water, them continued on to the other island. I got pincered before I made it there, however, getting stuck between two wolves and the ocean. I dropped one rabbit for the one behind me, which made him quickly lose interest. The one in front of me was not falling for it, however, but a stone in the face quickly made him reconsider. Jackrabbits didn’t have much to offer, but I found a can of tomato soup, which will keep me going for the rest of the day, but I didn’t find anything else of note. I was going to go down the left slope but spotting two wolves made me reconsider. I made my way straight to the fishing huts, taking a small amount of condition damage before reaching them. I broke down some curtains while waiting to warm up and found a 96% wool toque in the last one. This is a pretty important item, since that now means that all of my headgear is now found if I can make the rabbit hat. I walked to the river, skipping over the bear spawn, and waiting in the cabin to warm up. By this time, it was almost nightfall, but I had to grab some cattails to avoid losing condition to hunger. I went to sleep on 80%, which was a bit too low for my liking. If I managed my temperature a bit better, or went into a bit more windbreaks while walking I would have been able to avoid most of the condition loss and remain at around 85% at the end of the day, but there isn’t much I can do about that, I guess I just got to keep it in mind for next time. I ate some cattails before sleeping 8 hours. Day 4 I woke up thirsty again, but I wasn’t sure if I lost any condition. I’ll sleep 6 hours and see if I wake up thirsty again. I spent the morning going down to the lake, grabbing some cattails, then sleeping since it was far too cold to go anything. In the early afternoon it became warm enough to travel Ravine trip in -7* The ravine trip is scary, but not for the reasons you might think. It’s a long walk before you get somewhere to warmup, if you misjudge it, it is very easy to lose a lot of condition. In Interloper this isn’t too much of an issue, a quick nap should get it all back, but in Deadman it’s a serious worry. Right after I made it across the bridge, the weather took a turn for the worse and the windchill more than tripled. Fortunately, I was in a windbreak, and could afford to keep moving. I was hoping that the cave could warm me up, before I made the way to the dam. While in the tunnel, the wind shifted against me, slowing me down to a snail’s pace. I waited in the tunnel to regain my stamina, before fully sprinting across the bridge. I made it across with no issues and made it to the mouth of the cave without losing any condition, but I stopped. Why? I had seen it, a lone bit of birch bark sitting on the ground, unaware of the dilemma that it caused me. Do I continue this run in the traditional Deadman style, or instead play a birchman run? It would mean I could get back that condition that I lost, without using any non-renewables… I quickly snapped back to my senses. I’m no birchman! I’m a Deadman, and Ill prove it! I grabbed the pork and beans by the campfire and waited in the back of the cave, turning all my rose-hips and mushrooms into prepared versions, and set out with my temperature bar half full, right as nightfall came. It was too cold to loot the rest of the region, like the various mushrooms, cattails and other useful items, so I will probably come back in the morning quickly to loot it all, before continuing into the dam. My temperature bar emptied out before I got to the next cave, costing me 4% condition, far too much for this simple of a journey. I spent some more time waiting to warm up, before my fatigue bar emptied. Since I didn’t have a bedroll, I had to get to a bed quickly before I lost too much condition. I wasn’t as warm as I wanted, but there wasn’t much I could do about that. I quickly realised my mistake, as I should have made a fire in the cave before passing time, so I could have left warm and with fatigue. My blunder led to me losing an extra few points of condition, ending the day with 71%. Again, far too much condition loss for such a simple day, but I didn’t use any non-renewables. However, I think that was my downfall here. The true non-renewable is my condition, and I should be using everything to prevent that from going down, but instead I'm saving my resources for later, when the chances are, there wil be no later. I eventually made it to the cabin outside of the Hydro Dam and slept 6 hours. Day 5 I woke up with some of my thirst bar still full, so I think you can sleep 8 hours without taking damage. Next time I’m going to try sleeping 7 hours and see if I take damage from that. I spelt another 4 hours and woke up with 80 calories. There were some cattails down by the river, so I did runs grabbing them, them returning to the cabin to sleep again. In the early morning I looted the upper dam, grabbing the water from the toilet and cracking open the safe to find a book. I also found a hacksaw on a shelf and matches in a filing cabinet(!) which are both pretty big finds. I decided not to go back to the ravine for a bit longer, my main priority should be getting maple saplings and making a bow. Plus, I can come back to the ravine later since I’ve left cattails and mushrooms there. I warmed up in the cabins again, before a blizzard struck. Bad timing, I don’t have any food. But I decided to turn this into an opportunity. There is a wolf that spawns under the bridge, blocking any form of easy access to the saplings that go down there. Since wolves don’t spawn in blizzards, the saplings will be ripe for the taking, as long as I don’t lose any health for the cold. Sure enough, this worked. I even had time to grab cattails along the way. Getting a bow will make this challenge so much easier. Now the challenge is to live for that long. I waited out the rest of the blizzard in the cabin, which left during mid-afternoon, and them headed off towards the camp office. was actually so warm in the afternoon that if I stood in a windbreak I would start warming up, which, considering my clothing, is very rare. At Alan’s cave I found a bedroll and a flare. This bedroll is essential, since I no longer have to make mad dashes to houses and can stop for naps at caves. I grabbed some more cattails, before taking a creative route along a slope to avoid the wolves that bottleneck the entrance to the lake, however upon checking there were no wolves. I made it to the camp office with my temperature bar quarter full, without losing any condition. I also had 31 cattails, which will keep me fed for a day or so. I found a maglens inside, which will come in handy, but not much else. I made a somewhat rash decision to try and loot the forestry lookout before nightfall, with only about 30 minutes to get there. My temperature bar was not full, and there was a decent chance I’d lose some condition here. It was warm outside, however, giving me a chance. By some miracle, I ran into no wolves along the way. I skipped the derailment to save time and went straight up the hill to the lookout. My fatigue bar became empty as a reached the base of the climb, so I used my stim to make it up. I made it inside easily, found a heavy hammer in the lookout and went to sleep as the stim wore off, ending the day with 86% condition. Overall, a good day. No condition or matches used, and I now have two of the main tools needed to survive. My next tools needed are a knife, hatchet and a bow. I’m starting to feel pretty confident about this run. Day 6 My plan for today was to make it to trappers’ cabin before continuing on into the muskeg. I wasn’t planning to forge at the muskeg, because of the permafire required to stay there without freezing, but to instead go to broken railroad. There are a few stims there from memory, one at the maintence yard under some crates and one in the ravine. I've never been to the ravine there before, but I don't think I will have any issues with it. My clothing was starting to get really damaged, with my t shirt at 10%. I needed to find a sewing kit soon, since not having a shirt is a massive frostbite risk. Fortunately, enough, I found one on top of the bed in the lookout that I had missed yesterday. I spent the morning repairing my clothes and didn’t fail a single one out of 7 or so. I ended up with a warmth bonus of +7* and got the well fed bonus. I didn’t end up getting the +5 condition though, I guess that requires regeneration to be on. Due to the calm weather, I decided to travel without using a fire. It was -4*, so I could probably make it to the cabin before hyporisk sets in. If I stood in a windbreak, I could warm up outside. I found some more cattails and mushrooms at the pond, and found a hacksaw in the hunter’s blind, which I didn’t take. I hit a rabbit with a stone, before heading off towards the trapper’s cabin. On a side note, has anyone else noticed that hitting rabbits in 1.62 is much easier than in 1.61? I’m not sure if this was mentioned in the patch notes, but I couldn’t hit them at all before the update, but now I hit around 90% of my throws. Anyway, I made my way to the trappers, and found some birch saplings along the way. I had a slight change of plans. I decided to delay my trip to broken railroad and loot Milton instead, making my way to the railroad through the basin. This will open me up to a lot more resources, and mean my travel will be much more efficient. I can also grab heaps of cattails in the basin, giving me enough food for a while. I harvested the dead deer that spawns in the broken building, and also harvested up the rabbit before going to bed. I now had 3 guts, 2 maples, 4 birch saplings, a rabbit hide which will all be cured in a few days. I also had around 3kg of meat outside. The weather was absolutely beautiful, but not sunny enough to start a fire with. I checked my journal for my condition and saw that it was 91%. I have no clue how that happened, I didn’t take a birch bark tea, and in theory there is no other way I could have got that condition back. Maybe the well fed buff did get my +5%, but it didn’t update the first time? I have no clue. Either way, 91% condition at the end of day 6. Day 7 I ran out of water by the morning. I used a flare to light a fire, so that I could ditch the heavy thing and save a match. I boiled 3L of water, cooked all of the meat and boiled all of my teas. I kept one of them warming up by the fire to drink when I decided to travel. I found some accelerant and a second pair of jeans in the safe and repaired by boots while boiling more water, bringing my warmth bonus up to +9*, which is really good, considering I don’t have a coat. I set out to Milton in -5* weather and using a torch to light my way through the cave. I grabbed some coal and sticks while inside, but besides that I found nothing of note. I stepped outside the cave to sunny weather, accompanied by the deafening roar of the waterfall. I hastily made my way along the river, grabbing cattails as I went, before mountain-goating down the cliff to skip the rope. It was amazingly warm, with my torch bonus being able to get me into positive temperatures without a windbreak, which is the first time I’ve seen that in any mode, let alone Deadman, with my level of clothing. I started a fire in the cave and found some matches in the backpack next to the dead guy. The game is being kind to me today. I spent the rest of the afternoon hunting rabbits, cooking them up and storing their hides and guts in the back of the cave. I slept for 2 hour increments, nursing my fire using the sticks and coal I’d gathered along the way. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my first week of Deadman, it brings a sense of tension to the game that I haven’t felt in a while. Thanks to anyone who read through the whole thing, I plan on posting updates as I continue my run.😃