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  1. thank you ajb 1978 im so stupid i had a ruined sewing kit the whole time thank you for the help it works now thank you all for trying to help me and have a good thanksgiving
  2. i have a sewing kit on me and im crafting in mid day but it wont work ive left the building gone to another region and come back and it still dint work iv have been trying to make a stash of clothes and my bear pelts are getting really ripe ill try getting a better picture
  3. how do you get a good picture on xbox and i have 8 cured gut or else the box would be red
  4. i am at pleasant valley and i came back after the episode 3 update and now i cant use my pelts to craft at the downstairs workbench is this just a bug related to me or is this wide spread below i have attached a picture im sorry for the horrible quality but as you can see there is no craft button even though i have the materials -thank you have a good day
  5. he cant be killed the game auto saves when you pull out any weapon and despawns the stag.