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  1. Bleak Inlet workshop (or nearby cannery residence) hasn't been mentioned yet. I haven't tried it on my Interloper save yet, but I spent a lot of time there in Stalker mode. There's quite a large, safe outdoor area that's a sort of foyer for the workshop for fires and sleeping. The wolf pack respawns keep you fed once cooking is level 5, and wont bother you for a few days after you scare them off. There's a ton of crates to break down for wood, lots of storage both indoors and out, and a few places with bed in the courtyard if you don't want to wear out your bedroll. The grinding machine is great for keeping weapons sharp without a whetstone. My only real complaint is the long roundabout path to get back into the workshop once you exit the safe area. But beware there are two very tall rope climbs to get back out to the other zones, so if you like to move and haul all your stuff with you, its going to be a long, slow process! If you travel light, then no worries there.
  2. As far as I know, predators are less likely in a blizzard but not impossible. Somewhere else I read a post that predators wouldn't spawn during a blizzard but ones that were already out would continue to wander; I've no idea if that was someone's theory or if its been proven.
  3. Are the locations for Pleasant Valley up to date? For example, it lists Rural Crossroads and doesn't include the Community Hall.