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  1. Hi, I've had the game for 3 years, but never came to the forums, so I thought it was about time. Hope to se what episode 3 (and 4, and 5) bring to all of us!
  2. Hello everybody. I think this post belongs here at the wishlist. I've been playing for some time, and I've always wanted a couple things added to the game, so I'll explain my ideas here. This is a long post, so please, be patient. We know Hinterland has a lot of ideas to add, and that work isn't easy. One of the main points is, if they want to add something to the game, it has to add something new, and it has to be meaningful, not just a detail. Starting from this point, we must take a look at Bear Island itself. There are 9 main regions at this moment, with several transition areas. One of the ways to divide the regions is water (for example, from HRV->MT->FM, or from TWM->PV). The other way to see the map is with the railroad that crosses the map E-W (or the other way, depends how you want to look at it). Mystery Lake is a central region, ant the rest of the world is crafted around this idea. Ibelive that by the end of the development, no region will be isolated (every region will be connected with at least 2 other regions). This brings me to the point of....Desolation Point. We have a whale processing area there, and a broken bridge that goes to the east. What I predict is that the area north-east from DP could be the main train station of the island, where we could see a train station, houses, and a new coastal area (no fishing huts, sorry guys). It would also be the end of the road that crosses CH and DP (at least that side of the road). But there's more to this idea. It is known that seal hunting was a thing in Canada, so that bring us to...the new animal, the SEAL. At this new region (also at the other coastal regions) you could find this animal. I imagine two ways to hunt it. One would be traditional, shoot at it with your bow or rifle, the drawback being that they will stay close to the thin ice, so it may escape from you, so you would loose your arrow/bullet (but they would be really slow while inland). The other way to hunt them could be under the ice of the coastal regions. Some visual effect, like a shadow under the ice, and some sound effects to give you a clue about the position of the seal. You would need to make a hole, use fish as bait and a new weapon: the Harpoon. We know that the bear spear is coming eventually, so I thought I could be nice (and relatively easy, I know Hinterland hates this word, sorry) to reskin the bear spear to have another option. It could be used at struggles also. To craft this harpoon you would need a forge for the head of the harpoon with 3 scrap metal, then some guts and wood (maybe maple/birch, to make it a more serius decision) to craf the final product. So, in order to hunt the seal, you would need this and use it at the right time, not like fishing, where you stand still until a fish comes by. This (I believe) would make fishin a bit more important (at this moment is just a food and oil free source). But what's the point of adding seals to the game? New clothing and resources, of course. First of all, the seal would give around 10-15-20 kg of meat. You can also harvest guts from it, and of course seal pelt. And also, a new resource: FAT (more on this later). The seal pelt would be used for 1 clothing item, the seal fur vest. It would be an inner torso clothing item, as currently we don't have a craftable item for that area. For the stats, I imagine something like 2ºC temperature, 2ºC windchill, 60% water resist, 5% defense, 5% sprint decrease, and 1,5 kg (pure speculation). But that's not the end of it. Seal pelt can be used to craft a new accesorie: snow rackets. The snow rackets have been requested a number of times, but here's my point with the item. In real life, you use them at places with lots of snow where you would just sink into the snow, to make traversal easier. What I suggest is snow rackets giving a slight bonus movement speed (10% maybe) at the cost of no sprint ( it's difficult to run with these things on). It woul also reduce the sprain risk when walking up/down slopes (reduce, not eliminate). The cost would be 2 cured seal pelts, 20 sticks and 6 cured guts aprox, They could weight around 2 kg, maybe more. And the last thing: FAT. It could be harvested from any animal, not just seals. It could be eaten raw, with a risk of food poisoning, or cooked alone (must have a cooking pot). Also, it could be added to any meat you cook with a cooking pot to increase the calories of the meal, at the expense of doubling the scent emited by the food. Another use for the fat would be using it with your clothing to increase water resistance by 10% for a while (4-6 ingame hours) at the cost of increase the weight of the item 0,5 kg. I know this was a long post, but needed to say all of this. TL, DR: new coastal region with a train station, new animal, the seal, new hunting weapon, the harpoon, new craftables: seal fur vest, snow rackets. New resource: fat, edible, and used to increase water resistance on your clothing.
  3. My luckiest kill so far was yesterday. I was caught at trappers cabin with no feed, only a couple teas. Two blizzards in a row, so there I couldn't hunt. When the blizzard ended, I went outside, still no animals. After 5 minutes of wandering a deer suddenly pops up, and I instantly try to shooy my arrows (I'm really bad with them). I aim for the head, the arrow goes to the knee....and the deer died instantly. That was a Skyrim moment.